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Does the world need another set-top box? Depends on who you ask. Belkin thinks the answer is 'yes,' judging by the release of its new @TV. The curiously titled box brings live and recorded content to mobile devices. It operates over Wi-Fi, or a 3G/4G cellular data network, and allows users to access all content from their home theater on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. @TV works with both standard and high-definition programming and can connect and control multiple sources, such as a digital cable box, satellite receiver, or DVD player, and it also has Wi-Fi built in and can record live TV directly to a mobile device for viewing when not connected to Wi-Fi or a data network.

@TV works with the @TV mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The @TV app is free for tablets and $12.99 for smartphones. The apps are available from the Apple App Store and Android Market. The unit itself? That's $150, and it'll ship in "mid-July."

Why? Most of the droid market would just build their own system.UserPostedImage


yaoyu117 has it right. For viewing existing media, the combination of Plex Media Server (free) and the Plex app for Android (under 5 bucks) takes care of it.

And what's with the app pricing, Belkin? What makes the "tablet" app worth 13 bucks more than the smartphone app?

Sorry, this device is a loser. Expect to see it disappear from the market before 2014.


The price is outrageous, especially when keeping in consideration that I paid less than a third of that for a Sling Adapter, and the Dish Remote Access app was and still is free. I can even stream live TV or watch my DVR recordings on either my Android or my iPad. What’s funny is that I’ve been working for Dish for almost three years and there still isn’t a device to have come out since the Sling Adapter that is as affordable. I’m with RTietjens on this one, but I expect it to be in 2013.