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Looking to get your handheld game on? Here's another option, courtesy of.. Nintendo? Yep, the company responsible for the original Game Boy is hitting back with yet another 3DS system. And this time, it's super-sized. The 3DS XL will ship on August 19th, with a mondo 4.88" top screen that dwarfs the original 3DS. Furthermore, there's a 4.18" bottom screen -- also much larger than the standard 3DS.

This unit will ship with a 4GB SD card, too. Oddly, the new design doesn't bring the Circle Pad Pro into the factory mix, but perhaps the more immerse screens will take care of any lingering gripes. Pricing? $199. Better save those summer pennies!

No Second Circle Pad. Repeat. No Second Circle Pad.

Confirmed - Nintendo are f*cking stupid.



Nintendo is becoming behind the times... they should just give in to the fact that iOS and android mobile devices are far more popular and more than capable of being gaming machines, perhaps they may not be 3D but really,,,,,, nintendo should stop trying to produce mobile gaming machines, spending millions of $$ on R&D for hardware and instead just concentrate on a software platform for the iOS and android market that would allow their games to be played and maybe offer a hardware gamepad that works with the device to make it unique.

I have an iphone, im not about to buy a 3DS to carry around as well, once you count in the wallet, keys and change, I don't really have any more pockets to make it easy --- and that is the heart of it, something that you will just want to carry with you, and not a burden,,