So my Transformer just arrived in the mail.  THANKS HH!  Gave me a good scare at first because it wouldn't turn on.  Read the manual and it said to let it charge for a few hours, which I did, and it worked.  So now I'm just going through adding useful apps to it, and was wondering if you have any ideas on what else to add.  One thing to note, this will be used by multiple people in my house, including my mom who isn't too computer savvy, so the simpler and more intuitive, the better.  What I have so far.  I won't mention the ones that it already comes with:

Weather Channel

Kingsoft Office




TV Guide

BBC News

NPR News

TuneIn Radio

Flixter & IMDB


Adobe Reader


Amazon MP3


As you can tell, this tablet is going to be used mostly as a quick reference/entertainment guide by my mom and dad.  I will customize it more once I move away and take it with me, but for now I want to keep things simple and try to drag them to the 21st century with it.