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The good spirited folks over at have just released Absinthe 2.0, one shot of which will jailbreak your iPod, iPhone, or iPad device running iOS 5.1.1. Absinthe 2.0 has been much anticipated and represents a "large collaborative effort between Chronic-Dev Team and iPhone Dev Teams," not to mention "many sleepless nights," all so you can rest easy knowing you stuck it to Apple with jailbroken code.

There are some things to keep in mind. First, this release is only for iOS 5.1.1, which is the latest version of iOS out there. So in other words, be sure you've fully updated your iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Another thing to bear in mind -- and this is a big one -- is that this release does NOT support iPad2,4, which is the latest revision iPad 2 model with a 32nm SoC. Support for that particular revision "will be added a later date." In the meantime, here's a list of all the supported devices:
  • iPad1,1; 2,2; 2,3; 3,1; 3;3
  • iPhone2,1; 3; 1; 3,3; 4,1
  • iPod3,1; 4,1

GreenPois0n says the jailbreak "is again one of the most easiest jailbreaks to use (so easy you grandma could do it)," and it really is. You'll want to backup your device first, then open Absinthe while your iOS gadget is still connected to your PC via USB and click 'Jailbreak'. After it's finished, just go back into iTunes and restore from your backup.


It's not that easy. I just JBed my 'new' iPad and did an iCloud restore that took hours. Then I found out that Cydia crashes when I try to start it, and apparently I'm not the only one with this problem. Other people have reported the same problem on various websites.


I was at first surprised that no one had commented on this, but then I realized that everyone was busy jailbreaking their iDevice. That was the first thing I did when I got home. I'm so excited to have finally been able to jailbreak my device, its Awesome!!


Worked fine for me on my iPhone 4S earlier today. Took just a few minutes, and then a few more to restore all my apps.