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Unsure if you've noticed, but Ultrabooks have been looking mighty sharp of late. With vendor after vendor aiming for an ever-tighter, slimmer piece of the notebook pie, Acer has outdone itself with the new TravelMate P243 series. It's actually designed for small businesses, but there's nothing here stopping the average consumer from digging in. Aside from clean, classic good looks and an all-black frame, it'll be powered by Intel's 3rd-gen Core processors with Turbo Boost technology. The new line is available with NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics, enabling DirectX 11 support. It'll also ship with Acer ProShield Security, a suite of security and manageability tools integrated in a unified user interface.

Acer ProShield features pre-boot authentication (PBA) and protects the notebook from BIOS level all the way to application level. It allows creating a Personal Secure Drive (PSD) to seamlessly store and encrypting all critical files, so that even if the notebook is stolen or lost the data cannot be accessed. Unwanted files or folders can be permanently removed beyond recovery thanks to the File Shredder utility. Finally, it offers the automated solution to manage IT assets remotely and on the go. Another layer of security is offered by Acer Backup/eRecovery Manager to backup your valuable data and media library and protect your assets. Recovery is on demand thanks to Acer eRecovery Manager. Wake-on-LAN allowing a computer to be turned on by a network message, provides remote management options.

Pricing remains a mystery, unfortunately, but surely you'll pay up for something this sleek, right?