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Texting and driving doesn't mix very well and you shouldn't tryi to do the two simultaneously, even if your state hasn't made it illegal yet. But texting and walking? Turns out that combination can be dangerous too, and if you get caught sending or reading a text message while taking a stroll in New Jersey, you could be hit with a fine.

According to ABCNews, New Jersey police are to begin writing $85 jaywalking tickets to anyone caught walking and texting at the same time. The reason is because "It's a big distraction," and like Mr. Magoo, "Pedestrians aren't watching where they are going and they are not aware," Fort Lee chief of police, Thomas Ripoli, tells ABCNews.

Image Source: Flickr (Ed Yourdon)

This isn't an arbitrary law in Ripoli's mind, who points out that there have been three pedestrians killed by automobiles so far this year. He hopes that by making it illegal to text and walk at the same time, pedestrians will ultimately be more aware of their surroundings.

New Jersey police have issued 117 citations for texting and walking.

So if you stand around texting and reading texts then they can give you a ticket for loitering... hmm

There comes a point where you shouldn't need a law and people need to use their common sense.


No unfortunately ppl are getting more and more stupid as time passes since we've been constantly making the world idiot-proof for the last 100 years.

If you stop mkaing rules and laws now to protect idiots you'll end up with mass lawsuits and whatnot against the government not caring about the citizens.

Hello "warning this is hot" labels on McDonalds coffee.


I agree with lipe here common sense is not so common any more primarily for the reason that it is generally unnecessary becuase the world has been made "Idiot Proof" in general which actually weakness it in the end.


Another stupid law here in NJ. I don't know if this is about public safety or another money grab by the state.


Every day this world gets closer to Idiocracy, sigh I'm gonna start stocking up on Gatorade.


i don't think they will ticket you for standing there and texting, this goes on to the odd laws list :D


Let them text and walk...natural selection.


Personally I agree with this law being around old people and hospitals I have seen 2 old people end up having to get surgery knee and a hip. Cause couple ignorant teens couldn't bother to look up knocking over sweet old ladys.

Then on top of that I have seen people almost cause accidents swerve to miss the pedestrian ect. Its one of those things yes theirs alot of people who could probably make the choice and do it responsibly. Most people just are not as smart as people believe they are.


Yup, that one came because this lady s[censored]ed coffee on herself and instead of blaming her own clumsiness she sued and won. Now we all get Luke warm coffee thanks to her.

It's the dumb courts rewarding idiocy that's making things worse. We got disclaimers for just about anything under the sun and things haven't gotten better because of it.

Hell, I remember reading a few years ago that somewhere in England they started padding street polls because people on their phones kept on walking right into them.


lol at first I thought this was a I'm just supporting bbo320 point. Natural selection ppl


Why not make a law that makes it illegal to be stupid.


Awesome! Now can they make it illegal for people to text and shop or talk on the phone when standing in line to pay or order something?