I have the Cordless MouseMan Wheel - only the 2 normal buttons will work.

The scroll don't work - the side button dont work, clicking scroll don't work.

Tried assigning middle button to [Page up]
and side button to [Page down]
But both then act as [Page up] - which is better than neither

Scrolling doen't work what-so-ever. - Ive tried 9.41, 9.61 and 9.73 - Ive tried all these drvs with and without gamer patch and with and without EM_Exec running while playing.

I get no problems with any other game.

Please help! - I know loads of other such people are having problems 'cos Ive looked on some other forums for a solution.

EDIT: forgot to say, the problem only affects cordless Logitech mice using PS2 conections : which is wierd 'cos Logitech use a common driver! - I have also phoned Logitech due to other mouse problems today due to driver update and also mentioned this prob - no luck