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There are a couple of things to announce here. First and foremost, if you haven't heard the news by now, Al Lowe and Replay Games reached their goal of raising half a million dollars on Kickstarter to fund a complete remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, a classic adventure game largely responsible for corrupting an entire generation of adventure gamers, myself included.

"I'm thrilled that so many fans remembered and loved my Leisure Suit Larry games after all these years (and a couple of failed games by others). It's great: together they will enable us to corrupt a whole new generation of gamers!," Al Lowe told HotHardware in an email.

The remade Larry game will feature refreshed graphics, updated humor to reflect the times, and a redesigned interface more appropriate for today's platforms. Depending on how far over the monetary goal Replay Games goes over the next (and final) few days, the overhauled game will also feature "tons more jokes, tons more responses for clicking on screen features, dialogue trees, inventory-on-inventory messages, and more story" with new locales, new puzzles, and a new girl with her own storyline.

How much of that stuff is included in the new game will depend on the total funds, and to help keep the cash flowing, one of Leisure Suit Larry's fans, John Arpin, will be hosting a 14 hour marathon game session on Starting today at 10 AM Eastern and going until midnight, Arpin will play through the entire Leisure Suit Larry franchise, beginning with LSL 1 and ending at LSL 7. Half of the proceeds will go to Replay Games and the other 50 percent will benefit the "It Gets Better" project. How groovy is that?

If you want to watch (or donate), direct your browser to

I'm not that interested in the LSL games, but Kickstarter in general breaks my heart (in a good way). There was a really interesting article in Gameinformer about it. Not only are the famous developers getting their pet projects funded by fans with no meddling from publishers, but ever since Tim Schafer's thing, funding for ALL projects on kickstarter got a huge boost, not just the ones by famous people. He really helped make this website visible.

But there was also another article somewhere were a kickstarter member broke down where all the money went, and they actually lost a lot to prizes. So w[censored]ver sets one up kinda needs to overshoot their actual goal by a substantial amount to be able to both fund their project and their prizes (if any).


Very nice hopefully this will prove that the adventure game genre is not dead. I really miss a good adventure game, the whole key is that they are all about the storyline and so many developers don't understand that.


$3,300,000 says they're not dead, my friend 🙂 But yeah, the last good Adventure game I played was Dreamfall: the Longest Journey on the old Xbox out of all places. I just bought Gemini Rue and that's REALLY old school, a great scifi adventure game with pixely graphics and everything. Haven't had time to really get into it but it looks awesome. I'd donate my life savings (all negative $500 of it) if someone did a Kickstarter for a new Blade Runner adventure game.


hahaha wow i have never heard of this game. where is it on the timeline of video games?


Forgive Ztimpson he is not exactly a video game buff.

@Ztimpson Leisure suit Larry was first released under sierra games in 87.

if you were asking about sackyhacks post, dreamfall, gemini rue and blade runner were published in the years 1999, 2007 and 1985 respectively. Gemini rue is a collectors edition of the PC game boryokudan Rue.


Look at you! knowing your video game history, inpressive;)


Thanks for looking out for me:D