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What's a Dropbox to do now that the cloud space is also being entered into by Google? Innovate, of course. Just days after Google Drive hit the mainstream, the Dropbox team has revealed something new: you can now automatically upload from just about any camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone — pretty much anything that takes photos or videos. With the newest version for Mac or Windows, you can just plug your camera, phone, or SD card into your computer and with a few clicks of the mouse all your photos and videos are in your Dropbox. Auto uploading from the desktop works seamlessly with the Dropbox Android app; your photos are copied from your camera to your Dropbox and uploaded, in full-quality and at their original size, to your private Camera Uploads folder. As your photos upload, you can access them from anywhere and move and share them as you see fit.

Oh, and since space / pricing is the big point now, Dropbox is handing out 500 MB of Dropbox space for your first automatic upload. As you take and upload more photos and videos, you can earn up to 3 GB extra, for free. Nice start, for sure.

Becoming more and more the norm Google drive and M$ Skydrive both just became standard fare over the last few days as well. To tell you the truth I like Skydrive as you can do remote support over it which is a game changer for me really. I would not use it for a first choice for rapidteck but I had a client a couple weeks ago who was half way to Alabama (which is not Uber far but not next door to me either) and I would have loved to have had it then to fix an issue I thought I had fixed, but which came right back because of a .net 4.0 issue, meaning I had to drive back out there. Of course when I drove back out there I ended up repairing a second laptop as well so it paid for itself twice.


Dropbox is an app that i enjoy very much in transfering files between people! its good to hear they are keeping up the competitive end!


Yeah drop box is awesome, i have one on my comp that keeps tripping out though. it will add and remove hundreds of files at random and it wont change the contents of my box at all. Its really stramge.


thats because you are a file sharer(friends) with some one doing this.