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Ever find yourself wondering how many variations of the Level 10 chassis Thermaltake can launch? The answer appears to always be 'at least one more.' The newest version of the funktastic case that was first launched in January 2011 is the Level 10 GT Battle Edition, essentially a Level 10 GT with a camouflaged theme to "evoke the 'battle' spirit of being a gamer," or something like that.

The Level 10 GT Battle Edition sports a military green paint job that seems to mesh well with the overall unique design of the chassis. New color scheme notwithstanding, this is the same Level 10 GT as non-Battle Edition builds. It's a full tower SECC chassis with plenty of cooling fans, an integrated fan controller, eight drive bays, USB 3.0 support, various LED color light modes, and a gnarly aesthetic with lots of elbow room for liquid cooling and extra long graphics cards.

Thermaltake didn't say when it will go on sale or for how much, though as points of references, the Level 10 GT streets for around $250 and the Snow Edition for around $290.

Huge fan of this case, but after seeing the 810 nzxt case the price tag on this seems to high to make me choose it over the nzxt.

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Not bad... I'm not as thrilled about it as their original design, but it's certainly better looking than that last watered-down thing we saw.


gotta love haters !!!!! hey u gotta pay 2 play ppl !!!!


We have the all white version in house here. I really like the case.

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Well... If we ever wanted a pre-painted military case then we got it...

Don't know if I would pay money for it when I can pay for one and have it customized to be military styled.


I really love how the theme now is the "Military style". Lot's of trolls didn't know how to express themselves thinking this type of case was "ugly" instead of using the word "different". It's practical, and it's meant to last for many years. The handle is also a long time due in any computer case.

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One thing about the handle that bugs me: Since it's off-center, the case is going to tilt when you use handle to carry it. I can't help but picture someone catching the corner with their shins... ouch.


I want this case in my life!


Not sure why but in the past a military case never really appealed to me...
Till now, this thing just looks SICK!..

And since becoming part of a commissioning program and getting to wear military green ABU's twice a week, it's become even more familiar with the matching color scheme...
Gosh I would love to have this case, and thankfully for myself and all the other fans it's got a chance for showing its self off in everyone's possession thanks to the latest giveaway!