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Hey everyone,

I've built a lot of PCs for people, from the high gamer to the lower end/average user.  But the next build is for a guy who does a lot of downloading and video editing as well as gaming.

I'm going with probably no less than 8GB of RAM. I was just looking for some suggestions to the processor and video card. I don't edit video myself so I just want to make sure this system is capable and sufficient.  I would prefer to go with an Intel processor. I love the i-series of CPUs.

Any suggestions for the right CPU that can WELL handle video editing and gaming and the right video card? Is a 1GB video card enough? I know he also plays Minecraft and other games. The overall budget for this system is about 1000 bucks. Though I'm not sure if he wants a monitor too or not.  Also not against suggestions for boards. I personally find Gigabyte boards great and usually go with those in builds, with no problems yet.  Thanks.

Mike Coyne

Hi, I did read your post. I understand you want to know which is best for video edit and games for your customer. I have good idea for you: 1) Go with Intel i5 or i7 start at 3 GHz + on Socket 1556 2) 8 GB of RAM is good start with. For video edit and Game it will be better at 16 GB of RAM (for best performance) 3) 1 GB or 2 GB video card will be fine for video edit and gaming. Video catd can be AMD Radeon or Nividia Geforce. 4)  For enough power to run on PC it will be start at 650 Watts to 750 watts PSU with 80 plus. Last thing, I think AMD Radeon video card is best one because it did made the game going smooth and great 3Din the game and very clear. And same with Geforce video card. I hope this will help you out.


Mike Coyne

I just remembered. There is new Socket 1155 , I5 and i7 Processor to addition to other Socket 1156. Either will be work .