Mike Coyne

I am think about do build the server for Windows Home Server 2011. It don't be very powerful like my i7 rig. Just low power.server..

Here few idea for build the server. Processor can be AMD or Intel. (either will work for me) Intel Celeron 430 (1.80 GHz) or AMD CPU Sigale core (2.70 GHz and 2.80 GHz) Both is 64 bit processor ready. and 4 GB of RAM. and maybe get up  to 4 TB of HD and up to 300 Watts PSU. or can go with Intel Atom on the MB. Any idea on that?

I am interesting in that and learned about Home Server on Sorry about my bad spelling.


Mike Coyne

I was been think for awhile. I've changed my mind. I am not going build one.But  in few years from now

Mike Coyne

I did ordered Windows Home Server 2011 64 bit OS from It  was sale for about $47.00. I plan to hold on this until i can find barebone kits (already prebuild) and need to buy CPU, RAM and hard drive. 

Mike Coyne

I know i did relayed about pre-build. Maybe go with that plan or I can do build my own sever with low power Intel atom with 1 MB L2 caches on the MB . I am think about that plans.

Mike Coyne

Update: I did order Micro Server, It has AMD Sempson 2.8 GHz with 1 MB L2 Caches and 2 GB DDR3 at 1.33 GHz ( I will upgrade to 4 GB) and  also has 250 GB Sata 3 HD without OS installed. I will add maybe 1 TB HD to other one (already came with small Tower. It can have up to 4 HDs  and 85% best efferot engery PSU (250 watts and green power and lower power server. so. What do you think of that?

It is save me to upgrade few things and rather to build one but it is all ready to use.

Mike Coyne
2012-05-27T17:32:06Z   Keep in mind that Server has 2 GB of RAM I already order 4 GB of RAM for my new server.

Mike Coyne

Update: I decide to use 250 GB along with 1 TB hard drives in my new server and I did had problem with the wrong kind memeroy that I did order. It is send back to warehouse to get my refund (money) back. I did solved by use left over memeroy from my I7 PC. It is happy to run right memory total is 4 GB (2 GB x2) My i7 PC already upgraded to 12 GB (4 GB x3) few months ago. my new server use old RAM from left over in the box. it did worked very well so far no problem with my new low power server. It is run on new Windows Home Server 2011 64 bit with AMD Sempson 145 (2.80 GHz) and is green It Power. more than 85% best engery effectort and very quiet that you cant hear it from any where in house