I was at the local Futureshop (BestBuy, the Canadian way) today and was horrified to see a enthusiastic gamer buy a Pine TNT2 for 79.99 CND!!! Apparently a clerk had him convinced that it was the best thing EVER and it would run every game that comes out for the next 20 years.

Thats part of the reason why I have avoided store clerks for as long as I can remember.
Yeah thats the way they are in Best Buy. One time I saw a man about 50 years old with his pc in hand and all he needed was ram installed. They charged him $30 plus tax to install a simple ram. I felt like telling him listen meet me outside and I'll do it for $5.
Future shop sucks so much... One time I saw guy guy at their PC repair departement. He was saying that he had a virus and the guy told him you need to format, and he didn't even looked at the virus... :rolleyes:
hehe. But I still need futureshop as a retail outlet. Online shopping is too much of a hasle.

Give money to parents. They order it to one of their friend's houses in the U.S. (cause of no shipping charges, usually) Wait for delivery. Have my dad (who works in the U.S. anyway) pick it up. then finally they give it to me.

Thats one too many favours to ask!

btw, I live in Windsor, Ontario. That means I'm right across the river from Detroit, Michigan (5 min drive).
Yeah I can't stand clerks that think they know everything and want you to buy a product. That's why there's newegg.
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most people in Israel don't trust the clerks, because every one knows that they wanna set you up
"future Shop" huh. lol. Well, once for kicks i went into best buy, pretending i knew nothing about computers to ask what soundcard would work really well, and had the best setup and wouldnt hog from my cpu. The guy told me they all had sound chips. ......... oooooook, thanks for clearin that up man. Meanwhile kid next to me is buying a 2.0ghz p4 packed with an onboard tnt2. wow, have fun.
"The guy's got a computer 10,000 times more powerful than we used to send a man to the moon... and he needs me to turn it on for him."

I do feel sorry for them...I really do. I mean they don't know why they want to be on the internet, they don't know how to get on the internet, they don't even know what the internet is. BUT they wanna be hot so they go down to future shop and buy the most overpriced piece of crap the salesman can sell them. They get home, plug it in and boom their crash landed in the middle of a dark technology hell"
So true. One day I think I will stand in Best Buy and when people go to buy a pc I'll be like I can build one for about $400 lower and thats with labor included. It's a ripoff so badly.
Last year i saw some guy buy a ati 16mb pci xpert for his 1 ghz computer and he spent $150 bucks on it too.
I trust clerks about as far as I can throw them. Even in computer "specialty" shops they are out for only one thing...MONEY!

Has anybody gone in and completely confused the clerk? Try it sometime. When my HDD crashed a couple of weeks ago I had to go to Circuit City to get one. I started asking questions about buffers and search times. The clerk had drool coming out because his mouth never shut. I don't think he ever had anybody ask any "tech" questions before.

I told him he better close his mouth before flies started getting in Trust me, that's the easiest way to get security called on you .
You'd be silly to EVER think that a store clerk could help you.

Here's two funny stories:

1) I went into CompUSA when I was looking for a motherboard and they had a the MSI KT3 in a display case. On the front of the MSI it has no specs, so I asked one guy if this one came with RAID or not... he says "I don't do motherboards". Another guy comes over and this question stumps him as well, so he tells me he will call the "Motherboard Specialist" to come speak with me. Well, now the third guy comes over and he's never heard of RAID and says "I only know what I read on the box"... some specialist :rolleyes: ! Finally, they have a tech-support guy from the back come out who tells me that motherboards don't come with RAID and that I can find RAID components in Aisle 8. Okay, whatever

2) I go into Micro Center later that day (similar store, different name) and pick up the Soyo Dragon. But before this, I asked the clerk if they carry Abit at all. He looks at me and says "Abit, never even heard of them. Is that like one of those really cheap brands?". Abit???? One of those "really cheap brands" :eek: ? I found this to be hilarious because according to this guy Abit didn't exist (oh yes, he also insisted that I was confused and was actually thinking of ASUS), and the Soyo motherboard was going to be the best thing I could ever use. Well, I bought the Soyo only because I've read good things. I didn't base it on this fool's opinion (he probably just likes the pretty colors). Either way, I still took that piece of crap back for a refund. :rolleyes:
LOL, thoughs are some great stories.

btw, the KT3 is the tuned down version of the KT3 Ultra ARU (my fav AMD mobo). The reg KT3 doesn't really have anythings... just dependability. If you want raid you'll need to spend an extra $20 for a "ultra" version. The Ultra version also comes with D-LEDs!!! A must have if you do alot of tinkering.
yeah umm this guy at a comp store near by wanted 170$ for a Geforce 2 TI pro " you dont need anything better and this is made with parts similar to the GeForce 4" he wanted 200$ for a 60 gb 7200 rpm hd and 140$ for a 48X16X48 burner:eek: I swear his profit from each part is like 200%
I have the MSI KT3 Ultra 2 mainboard. It seriously is in the top 5 mainboards to have.

Facts are, no stores train the employees good enough anymore. And the consumer is no longer Mr. Wilson going down to Pete's general store to get a recommendation on what hose to sprinkle his lawn with. Consumers arent dumb anymore. Sorry, computers arent new technology anymore, sorry, words like "AGP" and DDR memory doesnt WOW us, we arent stupid.

Where it used to be a clerk saying to a customer: "This system has 4x agp, which means your going to get the fastest video possible in the comfort of your home."

and the customer saying...

"Wow" and "mmm-hmm" (then going home and telling all there friends!)


"This system has 4x agp, which means your going to get the fastest video possible in the comfort of your home."

"ok, well what BRAND video card is that, whats the clock speed and ram speed and timing. It doesnt matter, its not good its integrated. It doenst matter its packed with a 1ghz celeron.