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Contrary to what some Mac fanatics might tell you, their platform of choice isn't inherently immune to viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware. Malicious software certainly isn't anywhere near as prominent on Macs as they are in Windows, but like Bob Dylan said, the times, they are a changin'. Thanks in no small part to the wildly popular iPad and iPhone segments, more and more users are now considering a Mac, and it's quickly becoming viable for malware writers to focus their attention on a platform that has long been ignored. Luckily for Mac users, antivirus vendors are stepping up.

One of them is Avira, which today announced the release of Avira Free Mac Security software. It's free for everyone, from home consumers to professionals and even businesses, without exception and without any annoying advertising or marketing pop-ups, Avira says.

"Here at Avira’s security labs we’re seeing more viruses, worms and Trojans designed specifically for Mac, and also more Macs transporting Windows viruses when they collaborate with PCs, mobile devices and other hardware," explained Travis Witteveen, COO of Avira. "Starting today, we’re stopping Windows viruses from creeping onto your Mac, as well as disabling the malware that is intended just for Mac. And we are giving away Avira Free Mac Security to everyone so that we can all live free, no matter what OS religion you may follow."

Halleluiah, can Avira get an iAmen? Some of the features included in Avira for Mac are one-click repair functionality, an integrated scheduler, real-time protection, remote management, and more. If you're interested, you can download the free security software here.

I get so tired of my sister telling me I should get a Mac because it doesn't get viruses. I've never gotten one on my pc either because I'm careful about my browsing. I bet if she does a scan with this the thing will go bonkers from all the malware loaded on it due to her false sense of security.

Der Meister

So true sackyhack, My GF got a virus on her mac I have yet to get one on my PC's


I just recommended this to my kids that use Macs. Thanks for the heads-up.

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I use a Mac computer for 3 years and i used many anti-virus including Avira till the year before but I was not satisfied because every time virus pop ups takes place then after I came across the leading online trust provider called "Comodo Anti-virus software" which is perfect till date without any popups.


Actually I am a new Mac user after being so tired of my PC and Windows where I was careful yet my PC was infected repeatedly and I used safe browsing habits and the best antivirus and antimalware programs, paid, to date. This is not the first Mac software ie antivirus or antimalware, Mac comes with the software available. In the 2 years on this Mac including this scan from this new software to date I have had no malware, viruses or threats. Thank You.