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In order to charge $250 for a keyboard, it has to be something pretty special. Razer thinks its new Star Wars: The Old Republic themed gaming keyboard qualifies, which is just one of several themed items now up for preorder. The other items include a mouse, headset, and mouse mat, all molded and decked out in an Old Republic theme.

So how else do you justify a $250 plank? This particular one comes with a multi-touch LCD track panel built into the right-hand side with interchangeable digital faction symbols. It's a full color display, and above it sit ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys. There are over 100 fully programmable "Hyperesponse" keys, gold-backlit illumination throughout, multi-color lighting, anti-ghosting of up to 10 key presses, 100Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time, and more.

Razer's Star Wars themed mouse appears to be a modified Naga with a slightly different shape but same overall feature-set and design. It has dual-mode wired/wireless capabilities, 17 MMO-optimized buttons, a 5500dpi laser, and 12 hours of continuous battery life (72 hours under normal conditions). This one runs $140.

Rounding out the product lineup is a Dolby 7.1 surround gaming headset for $130 with boom mic, and a $50 dual-sided mouse mat.

They offered this stuff way too late. Razer is neat with some stuff but this release is so stupid.


for real after 570 dollars you can have everything they have listed up there and that is before taxes are added in,

you could put together a compy for that price just to play the game!

greed is defiantly becoming a problem.


They would have sold a lot more if they released this when the game went live in December. Now after so many people have quit the game, they probably won't be selling too many.