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Intel SSD 710 Series Solid State Drive ReviewIntel’s X25-M (mainstream) and X25-E (enterprise) solid state drives proved to be very popular in their respective target markets. As our testing showed back in the day, these drives offer excellent performance, and as time in the field would tell, they were quite reliable as well.

On the desktop / mainstream front, Intel has since launched a number of popular new solid state drives based on a few different controller designs, including those from SandForce, Marvell, and Intel themselves. Things are much slower moving on the enterprise front, however, where stability and reliability are paramount. The X25-E remained Intel’s flagship enterprise-class SSD for a couple of years, which is an eternity in technology-time. A few months back though, Intel launched a new enterprise-class SSD that was designed to offer the reliability and performance of the X25-E, but at higher capacities and a lower cost per GB. That solid state drive is the Intel SSD 710, of which we’ll be showing you here today...

Intel SSD 710 Series Solid State Drive Review


Performance to price doesn't add up. Not for the home user anyways.

Marco C

Most definitely not for home users, but vs. the X25-E the 710 is a relative bargain.


The more good products come out the lower prices of other will fall. Consumer SSDs are getting more and more affordable.