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Microsoft isn't too keen on discussing the Xbox 720 or whatever it plans to call its next generation game console, and apparently the Redmond outfit isn't all that keen on optical drives, either. We've heard reports that the next Xbox iteration might ditch optical storage hardware entirely, and now at least one website claims to have confirmed as much with an un-named source.

The source tells MCV that Microsoft's hardware and software partners are under "the strictest NDA" they have ever signed, nevertheless they were willing to leak the fact that the Xbox 720 will ship sans a disc drive. Instead it will use a type of solid-state card storage, though it's unclear if that means it will have a microSD card slot.

Persistent rumors suggest Microsoft will do away with the disc drive when it launches its next generation game console.

So what did Microsoft have to say about this?

"Xbox 360 has found new ways to extend its lifecycle like introducing the world to controller-free experiences with Kinect and re-inventing the console with a new dashboard and new entertainment content partnerships. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform and how to continue to defy the lifecycle convention. Beyond that we do not comment on rumors or speculation," Microsoft told MCV.

The implications of this are pretty big. Should Microsoft go through with ditching a disc drive, it would be a major blow to used game retailers like GameStop, and it would equally suck for gamers who sell off their used games on eBay and Craigslist.
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Well a game console without an optical drive is interesting; we've already seen a couple without disk drives so the market is there for one. If they do include the Xbox 720 without one then it'll just prove the future is in small-form media and streaming. I mean it's already being proven that this is the future; we already have enough bandwith (and possibly more in the future) in order for us to stream/download stuff and the smaller form media are as big as the discs that preceeded it so I don't know what's stopping them. If they do this then this may usher in a new era of gaming but on the downside will remove one form which has always be constant which is the DVD drive; streaming can sort of replace that but nothing can replace the DVD collection you have if they choose to remove it.

It's a tough decision, but I wouldn't be pissed if they decided to go through with it.


That would be the worse idea ever. Many people are data capped as it is and adding in 20+ GB games to that total isn't helping. Totally kills the rental/trade markets which is not a good idea.


The data caps only a temporary fix for older internet company's honestly I think this would be a good feature. Not only would it force internet companys to respond. Cause their users would either change and leave their service or simply demand better.

Also it great one less thing to die the more parts a machine has the more likely it is to break. Example my friend buy expensive phones with lots of features and replaces on average every 4 months. While my simple phone that just has basic calling text has been through the washer dropped thrown and stepped on and is still running like new 5 years later.

Also this will reduce load times in game and also cut out middleman so games will more immediately see price drops. Example steam I buy games and they are way cheaper gamestop still sells games for $20 that I can buy for $5 on steam. And also no worrying about a scratched disc.

And while it probably wouldn't happen what they could do to help fill the void for used game/ tradein is make it for $5-15 fee you could directly trade with friends.

The used game market it dying anyways with online passes locked content without buying developer license ect.

Which dont get me wrong I think if you buy something you should own it and be able to do as you wish with it.


This will kill gamestop and retail sales, as well as used games which benefit the retailers more than the consumer imo. If microsoft allows trading of games for a fee maybe it will be worthwhile.


Where does it say that you will have to download the games? I mean i bet there will be an option for that but the article says "Instead it will use a type of solid-state card storage" So they will be like the DS type cards?


They said it was unclear of if they would have ds type cards. Honestly we have been to held up by having to have games made in disc form. Not only does it add to cost increase risk of theft ect. It also increases delay from finish to release cause they have to simultaneously coordinate release and have enough disk for all preorders.

While it would affectively kill gamestop it would also put more money in developers pockets. While 2/3s  of it will go into pockets of ceos owners ect a small chunk will still come back to making development better.

Since I went mostly digital it has been miraculous cause I mostly game on pc except select titles I use steam and other variants for movies ect. And instead of having roommates borrow/steal till I have nothing left. I instead have them backed up and can be re downloaded at any time. Honestly the only games I have left from my teenage years are the ones I bought from steam when it first came out.

Also having disk or other media is slower loading meaning much more loading time. Example mass effect 3 on xbox which reads off disc takes almost 40 seconds to load. While on my pc take no more than 10 seconds to load since it is installed on drive. And thats without solid state drive or $800 processor


Maybe they wanna go to a system that uses some kind of flash card that way they'd never have to worry about having a disc drive that goes obsolete since they're constantly evolving with cards that have more and more memory....really not any different than what nintendo does with it's line of DS's


I hate the term "xbox 720". We might as well call it xbox 360 2. why not just call it the next gen xbox or NGX for short.


Whats is the next media for the next decade? Blu-ray. Who was the major backer for Blu-ray? Sony. What else does Sony make? I'm thinking for Microsoft to get licensing agreement for them to use Blu-ray they are prob going have to pay thru the nose for it. Which makes them less likely to be nimble in aggressive hardware pricing. So they are seriously looking into other methods before killing it in light of having to use a Blu-ray player.