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Android mobile technology is outdated. Android just provide

a Google support browser and nothing3 else. They don’t even support multiple

options in the browsing window. Apart from this the Androids do not have a

bigger and wider market place, most free apps in the android market are

disgusting, no body downloads then to play and only there are some limited

popular apps to use. The paid apps are also not very interesting and many most

popular apps are paid and do costs very high for download. The Android  technology has been in to the market for last

5 years and has not yet evolved any new OS as of now. The latest version of ICS

is a mixture of the HC and GB operating system and that was a over the night experiment

to over come the Nokia, The matter of fact is androids are available to the

market in versions 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 and so on in every new model handset, But

they actually do not give any new experience, just an extra wall paper or game

does not make any difference.

The biggest user of the Android Technology - Samsung

Ask anyone who’s left using a Samsung phone or who have

never used a Samsung phone ever.

Reasons- The overall phone looks and the battery are the

most ridiculous and ugly.

When the OS and the phone both are at the dead ends then why

should one buy a Samsung phone.