Admittedly I have been lurking more then posting and I have been super busy with life ect.  Alas I have not been able to keep up with trends.  So here goes with my question.  I am retiring my old media pc as it has gotten rather long in the tooth and its time to step up.  I have selected mobo, CPU, and memory but I am not sure which gfx card to buy.  I don't need it to be able to game, as I have my main PC for that.  I do however need it to run quietly, nah VERY quietly and have HDMI support.  I am looking for something modest, but able to handle Blu-ray and other higher definition sources.

As I'm sure I will be asked I have selected the following:
Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H
8GB G-Skill 1066 Memory
AMD X4 955BE
Several HDD's 
Antec NSK 6582B chassis 

Der Meister

I would say that any mid-lo end card these days will be able to handle media playback. I would look for a card with passive cooling. As for recommending a particular card. I haven't a clue.