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When Maingear computers first stepped out with their high-end SHIFT line of gaming and workstation PCs, we took note and were genuinely impressed; a bit of rarefied air if you will.  It wasn't so much the component selection that stood out, but it was the excellent build quality and the SHIFT's 90-degree rotated layout that caused our double-take, and ultimately put Maingear on the map as a major player in the space... Maingear's products may not be the low price watermark, but they definitely set the high quality bar up a notch or three.

Recently, Maingear announced that they'd be offering a DIY SHIFT chassis and cooling system kit for a limited time, to folks that might want to try their hand at building a SHIFT-infused PC for themselves.

We tried our hand at building our very own SHIFT and will step through the process with you here...

Building The SHIFT, Maingear's DIY Kit


Very Classy looking case with a lot of presence . Great showcase and build video , Nice n clean inside. Mr Altavilla has some good cable management skills. Joel already tested the Epic 180 so I already know what its capable of, so all in all a great combination of products.


This is my favorite case on the market. I have been hoping maingear would offer it without buying a system, but the price point is too much for me to handle. I think it is priced much too high, but they will probably sell. Also, a lot of the folks wanting this for their "elite" system will have a custom loop planned.


Too expensive for my tastes but I do love the design. Sorry but not a fan of the background (headache) musak in the video.


Well, Silverstone offers the Raven RV01-BW for those that want the same features but Its Plastic/Steel and looks more stealth-plane-like at about $230. But there is also the All Aluminum Temjin Series TJ11B-W at under $700 thats a little bigger.

What would be interesting is if Maingear would sell the Shift as a stand alone and not a combo with the Cooler and Audio card, as a case like this attracts the big water cooling fanatics.

All in All I think that the $899 asking price is a bit fair, if the Shift would sell on Newegg alone , it would probably be valued between $500-$600. But still too expensive my taste.


Still the number one case i would want 😃. The style is just 100% awesome!

Thanks for the review and build :)

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Just read the review; it's interesting that Maingear is offering this to the DIY crowd but damn is it expensive. I suppose if you removed the cooler and the unneeded audio enhancements then it could be cheaper but even then; it's not by much. I guess that case does have the space and the cooling performance to justify the price but still; it's price is almost the price of a new computer, even Lian Li's cases don't cost that much.

Still, good review.

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$899 for a case and 120MM radiator and closed loop? No thanks for the ripoff. I'd rather use a standard case from Corsair or Coolermaster and a Corsair H100.