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Intel's presentations at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this year are focused on one of the biggest problems facing modern CPU designers—how to improve power efficiency without sacrificing compute performance. Intel isn't just tackling this problem through conventional process shrinks and smaller dies, however; the company detailed multiple new approaches.

First up is Claremont, Intel's first chip built to run on Near Threshold Voltage (NTV) technology. Claremont is a bog-standard Intel Pentium that's been transplanted from its original 0.8µm process (that's 800nm) to a 32nm architecture.

Read on for more detail and coverage.

Wow, looks like intel is going to kick ass in the SoC department. I love intel for all their work, they have shown so much initiative and progress the past few years, they're really on a roll. It's kind of scary too though.


Sound very useful for rapid remote sensor deployment where power must be obtained from unconventional sources and a battery must be of minimal bulk.