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We've heard rumors that AMD will release CPUs based on its Piledriver architecture sometime in the third quarter of this year, around the same time Trinity makes its debut, but before that happens, it looks as though the Sunnyvale chip maker will flesh out its Bulldozer line. Word on the Web is that AMD is getting ready to release three new Bulldozer processors any day now.


A leaked slide fell into the hands of Chinese website Donanimhaber (see above), and it reveals some details about each of the three new parts on tap from AMD. They include:
  • AMD FX-8140: 8 cores, 3.2GHz, 16MB cache
  • AMD FX-6120: 6 cores, 3.5GHz, 14MB cache
  • AMD FX-4150: 4 cores, 3.9GHz, 12MB cache

Each of the three new processors is capable of running at up to 4.1GHz via Turbo Boost, and each one is rated with a 95W TDP. What we don't know, however, is when exactly AMD plans to launch these parts and at what price points.

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It's no secret that Bulldozer has been disappointing, but hopefully these chips will contain the improved designs with improve performance I've read so much about. Those designs can hopefully match the Intel chips even more and make the new line of Bulldozer processors a better value then their predecessors. AMD really needs all of the help they can get when it comes to Bulldozer, hopefully this will be it.


I've been hearing of the improvements, but these have been, as far as I know, associated with "Piledriver " and "Trinity".

This seems to be the completion of the October launch, where only the 8120, 8150, and those useless 4 and 6 "cores" were unveiled but some of these were mentioned then. At least they were able to get the TDP for the 8 cores down a bit.

I won't get my hopes too high with this batch though. *sigh* They should just put out Piledriver already.


Good to see the thermals come down a little for the FX 8140. It would be nice to see if these keep lower thermals and power consumption when overclocked. Hopefully this bodes well for Piledriver and Trinity since most of these improvements are probably related to growing pains with GloFlo's 32nm HKMG process.


«A leaked slide fell into the hands of Chinese website Donanimhaber ...» «Chinese website» ?!! And I who was naive enough to believe that the language used on the site ( was Turkish....