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Although Google is the reigning king of online services with offerings such as Gmail, Google Docs, and an ever-fluctuating lineup of myriad other products, the search giant has not yet introduced a straightforward cloud storage service. According to a report from the Wall street Journal, that’s about to change.

Citing “people familiar with the matter”, the WSJ report says the new service, dubbed “Drive”, will offer cloud storage to consumers and businesses alike, with fees associated with larger storage capacities. It appears that it will be part of the Google Apps suite and will launch within weeks or months.

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There was talk of such a service from Google a few years ago called G-drive, but little came of it other than some minimal storage options in Google Docs. In the meantime, a slew of similar services has exploded onto the scene, most notably Dropbox and most recently Apple’s iCloud. According to the report, Drive should offer similar capacity and features at a lower cost.

With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich bringing some unity to Android devices and desktop and mobile versions of the Chrome browser, creating a dedicated cloud storage product that users can access from any desktop or mobile device makes a lot of sense right now for Google.

Google is definitely an innovative company, encouraging its people to develop pet side projects that could become valuable to the company later, but it’s also become adept at “me too” technology like Android. Given Google’s vast resources and product offerings, Drive could certainly be disruptive to the cloud storage market.

Umm google just want to be part of everything.They also have a project in process bringing ultra high-speed fiber network to the community of kansas city-"Our work with non-profits and other community organizations" -google.


but if you like you can get Google to pay you an allowance to allow it to track you.



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Even though this isn't to be expected, it is interesting to see what Google's take on cloud storage would be since it's the biggest thing in the tech industry at the moment. (the ability to store files and receive files anywhere is droolworthy; additionally, the ability to store stuff, recieve stuff and even do complex stuff to it is inticing.) Tech does seem to be moving towards a cloud format but I'm not 100% sure it's going to be 100% cloud in the future, there will still be some use for hard drives and flash memory when it comes to storing data.


Very interesting ! Experience shows that when Google enters an already established market, it often does so in a way which brings innovative ideas and polished execution to bear - Gmail and Google Chrome are cases in point....



" Experience shows that when Google enters an already established market, it often does so in a way which brings innovative ideas and polished execution to bear "

Cool! A Google version of MegaUpload where only advertisers and the US Government know what everyone uploads to their account.

Given the legal and technological problems, I'm 100% sure I will not be using any online storage or application services either. Sure, people cale it the best thing, but when MS looses a router and doesn't have a spare no one cas access their applications. I trust Google to have better reliability, but the internet as a whole does not, and, guess how this works with the new google privacy policy because your guess will be as good as anyone elses! I have no doubt you will see tailored ads related to the files you have stored on your secure online storage, and look for the TOS stating Google owns any files they store for you, but I would think they wouldn't try that one again.

Agree with your, Floyd, about Google's close connexions with the US government, in particular the State Department. On the other hand, if you've followed «Echelon» (, you probably realise that the US government already know everything about us worth knowing and a great deal that is not....