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If you’re wondering what treats are in store for the next round of Gigabyte motherboards, look no further. The company unveiled a host of new motherboard technologies that will debut on its 7-series motherboards.

Gigabyte now boasts of a 3D Power engine that affords users digital control over and monitoring of power to all the main areas of the board, including the CPU socket. Speaking of “3D”, Gigabyte’s 3D BIOS--a long-overdue and impressive-looking overhaul to the company’s old BIOS--is on display, as well.


Most of the 7-series boards will also feature onboard mSATA connectors to, along with Gigabyte’s EZ Smart Response technology, better facilitate using mSATA drives as smart caches.

G1.Sniper 3 (ATX) and G1.Sniper M3 (micro ATX)

Some of the new motherboards will get a PCI-E expansion card that packs in Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart Ready) and WiFi for connectivity. The idea is that as remote PC software improves and sees increasing usage, consumers should be able to create a “personal cloud” within the home network. The PCI-E expansion card and Gigabyte’s CloudStation utility are designed to make that goal a reality.


Gigabyte was also glad to offer a peak at some of its upcoming boards. There’s the GA-Z77X-UD3H pictured up top, as well as two new boards in the Sniper Series. The G1.Sniper 3 (ATX) and G1.Sniper M3 (micro ATX) will feature dual LANs, in addition to the aforementioned new technologies. With an entry into the small business market, Gigabyte unveiled the B75M-D3H, a motherboard designed to be IT-friendly; managers can remotely monitor and manage between 1 and 6 machines with this board inside.

3D power engine sounds neat to have for overclocking :)


Agree the 3D power systems seems really cool. I also really like the idea of using mSATA for SSD caching :)


Connection less home servers :)

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While they're not as massive as they could of been; the ability to monitor all areas of power is nice and I like the increased variety of motherboards; especially the MicroATX version of the G1.Sniper. The B75M-D3H sounds interesting as it's a market which Gigabyte hasn't really touched, well other people have used their motherboards for that purpose but I think this is the first time Gigabyte has really dwelled it's toes in that market.

In any case, all of the products Gigabyte introduced is good. Way to go Gigabyte! Way to go!


That's what i call  a debut with gygabyte Next-gen motherboard everything goes to play. showing its products at CES  just stunned everyone 🙂 overclockers will love these MOBO