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This isn't just a new year for Cooler Master, 2012 just happens to represent the company's 20th year of service. What better way to celebrate the occasion than to release a new chassis? Honestly, we can think of several, but none of them productive (and some aren't even legal), so kudos to Cooler Master for staying out of trouble and kicking off 2012 with the introduction of the Cosmos II, a so-called "Ultra Tower."

What's an Ultra Tower? In Cooler Master's words, it's "a benchmark for all enclosures that exist and all that follow." Funny marketing aside, the Cosmos II is a neat looking case with some high end features.

It has two handles on the top, so if you throw out your back lugging your dream machine from room to room (or to a LAN party across town), it's because you're not bending at the knees, and not because the case is poorly designed. The side doors swing open like a luxurious race car, and hidden behind the front slide cover lies a stack of hot-swappable drive bays.

Features are many and include robber grommets for improved cable management, USB 3.0 support, a built-in fan controller, 10+1 expansion slots, PSU dust filter, removable upper cover, brushed aluminum and steel, and a bunch of other goodies. Check out the product page here.

There are only two other things we could ask for: a price and a release date, both of which Cooler Master neglected to mention.

"It has two handles on the top, so if you throw out your back lugging your dream machine from room to room (or to a LAN party across town), it's because you're not bending at the knees."

Or maybe it weights in at 48.5LBs bare 😃. But i do love the front panel.


I like how the case has many cool features but i dont like the overall look of the case. However i love cooler masters trooper case.


Kudos for having "holding grips" for that thing. Chassis that big need all the lift management systems they can get. I have a Zalman GS 1000 Plus case and I have no idea where to grab that monster when I dare to move it.

FYI:  The folks over at CMHD.TV mentioned a MSRP of $349.99 U.S.


LegitReviews has a review of it, looks like a ton of features packed into this case.


Built like a brick ______. This thing is basically a giant heatsink and I have to imagine that components will run pretty quietly in this case. The price is a bit high for me though I understand why it costs with the high quality construction and so much aluminum.


This looks nice and I have like the Cosmos line for a while anyway I just see comparably priced options I like better really. As far as it all goes anything in a promo video is going to look cool why would they make a video if it was not gonna make it look cool.


It's truly impressive in it's appearance and design. Cooler Master has hit it out of the park with this case.

I would love to build with it.


It looks like a great case, but it seems to be using quite a bit of steel and thats the last thing I want, another 20kg case... That is not going to a LAN any time soon.


Wow, this is probably the first CoolerMaster case I've seen that I really like, mainly because they went for a sleeker smoother appearance and instead of their rough transformeresque looking cases I'm used to seeing, not to mention this things packed with tons of cool features


OH MY GOD! I got my hands on one of the Black Label Edition Cosmos Ones and I LOVE IT! I haven't been tempted by a case since getting it, but this is just dreamy. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME CM?! But seriously these guys are great, and I don't anticipate this case being a disappointment at all.

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I really like the looks of this, it looks both slick and modern and it has tons of useful features. Even though tons of Cooler Master cases have been just good, I never felt interested in any of them. This feels like one I'm really interested in. I may buy one for myself for my new build...