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Remote access? You got it. LogMeIn just unveiled a free mobile app to bring its signature remote desktop capabilities to even more iPads and iPhones. Featuring the same remote access experience that made LogMeIn Ignition the top grossing 3rd party iPad app of 2010, the new app lets any iOS owner remotely view, access and control their PCs or Macs from their iPad or iPhone. It works with LogMeIn's flagship free remote access offering, LogMeIn Free, giving iOS users unlimited free mobile access to their remote computers, anywhere with an internet connection.

Building on the success of its highly popular mobile app, LogMeIn Ignition, the new LogMeIn for iPad/iPhone app is the latest move by LogMeIn to bring its cloud-based, essential remote services to new audiences through feature-rich free offerings.

"Mobile devices, most notably the iPad, have given rise to an entirely new audience looking to remotely access their computer files and applications on the go. Not surprisingly, mobile has become an increasingly important driver for introducing new people to LogMeIn's services, and we believe we're just scratching the surface of this growing demand," said Michael Simon, president and CEO of LogMeIn. "By combining our mobile and free service strengths, we can bring the benefits of top-shelf remote access to virtually anyone and everyone with an iPhone or iPad."

iPad and iPhone owners can take advantage of the remote access capabilities by simply downloading the free app from the Apple App Store and then installing LogMeIn Free on any PC or Mac which they wish to access. Users also have the option of upgrading to an all new version of LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn's premium remote access software, and enjoy additional remote access capabilities.

Best of all, the app is gratis, and while LogMeIn is free as well, most of the features aren't unlocked until you pony up $39.99/year for LogMeIn Pro.

Erm will this come to android too? :D

Marco C

Ingition is already available for Android. It's just not free yet.


I will jump all over this for Android when it's free. $30 is pretty much the most expensive app out there that I've seen. I can't get myself to buy it when there are apps like Wyse Pocket Cloud, which is free and works perfectly (via windows RDP). But it'd be nice to have access to multiple PCs through LMI. Hopefully they drop that price soon. :)