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Amazon's Kindle Fire will undoubtedly be one of the hottest sellers this holiday season. Even if it had a few issues and slowdowns in use, for $200 it's impossible to match. And Amazon's working hard to make sure that folks who unwrap one on Christmas Day have plenty to be thankful for. A new Fire software update, version 6.2.1, has started to roll out via over-the-air delivery, and by Christmas, all the Fires out there should be addressed (or close to it). The new software "enhances fluidity and performance, improves touch navigation responsiveness, gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel, and adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access."

Most critics have found the update to address the bulk of the launch day quirks, and the difference has been quite large in some cases. So, if you've been holding back on a Fire due to performance worries, well, it looks like that's over with.
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My niece and nephew each got one of these so ingot to experience their "web acceleration" turns out if doesn't work so well. When I turned it off and let the tablet do all the work on it's own web browsing was significantly better.


It does have a lot of improvements to be made. I really want a push notification system on it. My mom has been using an ipod touch to play words with friends and she likes to know when someone plays a move. However, currently on the Fire it will not tell you when someone plays a move, or when you receive an e-mail.

This is pretty vital IMO and should be implemented soon.


Just because something is priced to sell doesn't make it a value. I have one as well and can honestly say that if I didn't own other tablets this thing would be a huge let down. I knew before I bought it what it's short comings were but I did not expect to reach the end of the rainbow within the first week of owing it! This is truly an entry level tablet for those folks who do not know much about these type of devices and have very basic needs. I have one but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone other than the very casual of users.