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The braggadocios Energy bunny likes to beat his drum and tell everyone he can keep going and going and going, but would you have guessed Hewlett-Packard would emerge as the real battery life master? HP just announced a couple of new wireless mice that, amazingly, are supposed to last two years or longer on a single charge, or so the company claims.

First up is the HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse with a high-end design intended to mimic the motion of a sports car. It operates on the 2.4GHz spectrum, has a 1600 dpi laser sensor, an ambidextrous design to avoid any hurt feelings by the oft-neglected left-handed camp, and a battery life of up to 30 months.

The X5000 is a similar rodent, but with a touch-sensitive scroll wheel and 'only' 24 months of battery life, according to HP. Otherwise, it too is a wireless rodent with a 1600 dpi laser and LED indicator light.

Both the X4000 ($30) and X5000 ($40) are available now.

I believe them, i am not sure how they did it but its probably a mini lithium ion battery. if i am wrong and hope i am, then hp may have just made an innovation in batteries that could blled over into laptops, tablets, phones.... ect


I use rechargeable batteries in my wireless mouse, and its fine. I mean its cool that it last 2 years, but is it replaceable?


Why not use the same tech variant into their laptops/netbooks !!


sounds cool, but HP isn't known for mice, are they?

also, the part of the commercial where you see a hand slyly hover over the mouse and then the index finger lightly tap at the left mouse button cracked me up... that's not how people use a mouse. the whole commercial seems better suited for a car rather than a consumer electronic product.


Hp may not be known for them but by far the longest lasting mouse I ever had. My mouse died so I stole my brothers the one he had used in Iraq which is actually harsh on electronics inbetween the sand and humidity he had owned for 2 years. I then used the mouse for another 2 years before I had a single issue even then it was still usable.


hopefully the actually product is as cool as the commercial


2 year battery life...seriously?   is this confirmed by anyone in forums here?

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I find it hard to believe. 2yrs just doesn't seem possible. Unless we are expected to turn it off and take the batteries out EVERY time it's not in use. However, if this is a legit claim then I must have one!!! :)


HP made today's hi-tech optical mouse:


Wow, if they had made such an eye-catching commercial for the Touchpad, it just might have done better in the market (before the fire sale).  ..OK, maybe not, but that was actually a cool advertisement (never would have thought I'd say a mouse commercial was "cool")

I know some wireless mice can last a while with even a single AA battery (my Microsoft one generally goes for 2-3 months of daily usage before it dies), so depending on the size of the battery pack in these, it seems somewhat feasible.


This isn't anything new... the Logitech Marathon Mouse m705 will last 3 years on 2 AA batteries.

I bought an m705 more than a year ago, using it every day at the office, it's still around 60/70% of charge.


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