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Android and VIA, sitting in a tree.... Just kidding. But, the truth of the matter is this: VIA has just announced Android support for their embedded x86 boards. They're starting off with support for the VIA EITX-3002 Em-ITX board. Running Android on an x86 platform offers increased flexibility, great multimedia support and cost saving advantages for embedded applications such as in-vehicle entertainment and interactive kiosks. Key advantages for Android on x86 include leverage of Android development resources and existing apps, rich I/O flexibility, greater CPU performance as well as higher display resolutions of up to 1920 x 1080. In addition VIA has released SMART ETK, an Embedded Tool Kit which allows monitoring and control of peripheral devices through the Android OS, allowing for greater environmental control of kiosk and other installed environments. Looking for a demo? It's below.

Der Meister

very cool, VIA is quite innovative at times. 


The cool part is that its designed specifically for games, everyone does it but it still tickles me ink any time i see people doing things for me.

The x86 operating system has awesome graphics and gaming capability.


Sharing  is always a benefits two companies working together. People who like VIA and android now its time to have these worlds  together.