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41: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - Dec. 6, 2011In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks, Dave, Marco and Iyaz discuss Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet, HotHardware's PC Component Holiday Gift Guide, Dell's slick XPS 14z Notebook, we discuss Tablet Gaming Today and a Look At the Future, and give some details regarding our MSI/NVIDIA Gear-Up and Tablets of the Season Sweepstakes Winners and ongoing giveaways!
Show Notes:
01:15 - Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
05:50 - HotHardware's Holiday Gift Guide: PC Components
12:00 - Dell's XPS 14z Notebook
16:55 - Tablet Gaming Today and a Look At the Future
23:41 - MSI/NVIDIA Gear-Up and Tablets of the Season Sweepstakes Winners (Tablets of the Season Contest still on)


Great webcast guys, I always enjoy them. Good details about the galaxy tab plus, I actually missed that article so I thank you for the overview. Marco and the keyboards lol, awesome! I remember when the rosewill's came out and we had the key stroke discussion then, I learned a ton. Congrats to the tablet winners and I look forward to seeing who wins the other ones!!!! Keep up the great work guys.


"Nice mechanical keyboard info, that was my favorite part. Now I know more."


I still have questions about the contest but ive already sent an email about that.


AJM, I haven't received any email here. Happy to answer any questions.

Der Meister

Nice web cast, they keep getting better and better. The group flows really well now. Congrats to all again!


Great broadcast 🙂 thanks guys. I always enjoy the witty commentary that goes back and forth. The technical terms I prefer the non clicky - tactile keyboard to use the technical terms.


wow guys you put some effort into that video. 26 minutes of talking, thats a sign of devotion. good job on the samsung 7.0 great webcast.


I toss a dice to decide what to get 😜 lol.

Love the talk about mech keyboards 😃, keep it up!


The mechanical keyboard discussion was awesome! Can't wait for the next podcast.


LOL ...if you were a dog haha.

Great show guys. I look forward to these and it makes my day when a new one is posted.

And thanks again for the MSI GTX 580 Lightning!


I am  with you CDeeter and look forward to seeing the vidcast each and every time a new one is out. They are just so enjoyable to watch, with all the tech goodness some crave but always presented in a manner that make them fun to watch.

Certainly for me was the mechanical keyboards from Rosewill and a the 100.00 price is not really all that steep when one thinks about it.just going to have think about the switches I would like for my paw thumping style of typing .if one could call it that.

Congrats again to Cdeeter, omegadraco, and Taylor >>  Der Meister. With the sweet wins.

pretty Hot ! stuff to match the HH community which is totally kool


Marco C

You're all making me very happy with your interest in mechanical inner-geek is doing the happy-dance.


Great stuff guys I agree with Dave Samsung does make some the best displays or panels in the market.

As far as the Keyboards I will definitely have to check out the Cherry Red MX as my next keyboard. I saw one at Best Buy it was a Razer and it clicked and that turned me away but if I can get one smooth that might intrigue me as I consider myself a hard core gamer.


Marco C wrote:

You're all making me very happy with your interest in mechanical inner-geek is doing the happy-dance.

You got me interested in them a long time ago, but I've not been able to afford one yet.

That Rosewill's price makes it all the more tempting for me.

EDIT: Listening to the Keyboard part again, (a few times) I'll probably go for the Brown switches.