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You know a computer case means business when it warrants naming an entire PC line after it, and that's what you have with Maingear's SHIFT chassis. Designed in conjunction with Silverstone, the SHIFT computer case is the centerpiece of not one, but two full blown system configurations featured at Maingear, including the "The SHIFT" (for consumers/enthusiasts) and "The Quantum SHIFT" (workstation). But what if you're not in the market for a brand new system and just want the case? Too bad, so sad, up until now.

Maingear tells us there's been so much interest in the standalone chassis that they've decided to offer a limited run of SHIFT computer cases with the EPIC 180 liquid cooler (featured in our "Liquid Cooler Lineup" article) and Audio Engine installed. And by limited, Maingear's talking about only 100 of these things, which we've dubbed a DIY starter kit.

This is an exclusive offer that isn't being promoted on the company's website and is being shared with just a few publications, this one included. Why? Because HotHardware readers are one of a select bunch of builders who can appreciate what this is, and who have the know-how to put together the kind of high-end system that will do the SHIFT justice.

Pricing starts at $899, which isn't cheap, but hey, it's a premium chassis with a high-end liquid cooler and custom audio solution. And if by chance your pockets run even deeper, you can configure separate finishes for the interior and exterior, which include color options like "Burple" and "Organic Green." Sound dampening, laser engraving, and GPU cooling are also available.

If this sounds like something you'd be into, you can place your order here, but remember, Maingear's only making 100 of these available, and we have no doubt they'll sell every last one of them.

That is pretty epic but ouch on the price... I would love to pick one of these up but I just can't see spending $1100 dollars on a case (I would want the side window). If my pockets ran deep I would probably buy an entire PC from them.


The Shift case is amazing. With all of the connectors being on the top of the case makes adding and removing them so much easier than when I had a standard case design, with everything at the back. The design also leads to a very cool case especially when you have a pair of high end video cards in SLI and 6 HDs. All of the wiring is done behind the motherboard and there is an easy to remove panel on that side of the case making it easy to add additional HDs and other wiring so the inside remains free of cables. the HD bays were all pre-wired, and the slide out HD holders make installing and removing the HDs fast and easy.

I've been extremely pleased the last 7 months with this case.


this is the first i have ever heard of this chassis, but it looks badass. with the cooling system and audio plus this i a gret case.

700 is a bit steep to me but if i had the money i would lazer engrave my face on the side.

Then i would du blue side panels. Iwould call it te pimpmobile.


I have to say this case is awesome and I love it. It's extremely cool, quiet, and built like a brick shi* house. Honestly I only have one complaint; the top doesn't close unless you buy right angle dvi connectors. It's a maingear product so you know it's quality. But I have to agree with the rest of you ouch on the price!!! I guess if you want an amazing case and cooler you are going to pay for it, especially since it's a limited edition.


Dang it absolutely blows my mind what they can put in a pc chassis nowadays and now customizeable.

Der Meister

What does the interior look like? 

Der Meister

Drake_McNasty wrote:

Murdered out!!!!

lol, I did forget about those pictures. Solid looking case indeed, both inside and out. 


We're going to try and get one of these bad boys in and do a Sandy Bridge-E build video in it. 🙂 Stay tuned!


Then give it away? 😃 lol, i would love to see the review though :O


Can't wait to see a review of this case - sure looks like it would be the foundation for an EPIC system build!

Der Meister

Dave_HH wrote:

We're going to try and get one of these bad boys in and do a Sandy Bridge-E build video in it. 🙂 Stay tuned!



Wow...I'm speechless. At the case (a good), and the price they're asking for it (a bad, but it is premium, afterall).

Nice rig there Drake.

Looking forward to the video Dave.


For 900 I could have two GTX 580s