Dell revealed its new Alienware Aurora gaming desktop computer. This new system offers immersive HD 3D gaming and multi-display technologies. The systems feature the new 2nd generation Intel Core i7-3000 series six-core CPUs, factory overclocked and liquid cooled, with the Intel X79 Express Chipset, up to 16GB of Quad Channel DDR3 memory, and the latest SATA technology. This is Dell’s first consumer system to offer the X79 chipset. The systems also support AMD CrossFireX technology and can house two graphics cards. A variety of single and dual graphics options are available. All Aurora graphics cards use GDDR5 graphics memory. The Alienware Aurora is available on with a starting price of $2,199.

Dell’s Alienware Aurora Delivers Extreme Gaming Performance and Experience as Game Developers Intended in Most Advanced Desktop Ever

  • Brings Games to Life with Immersive HD 3D Gaming and Multi-Display Technologies
  • Helps Competitive Gamers Push the Limits of Hardcore Gaming

Competitive gamers asked for the ultimate gaming pc and Dell’s new Alienware Aurora gaming desktop computer, unveiled today, delivers. It is the company’s most advanced desktop ever delivering the extreme gaming performance and experience game developers intended for their players. With the latest technology and intelligent design, gamers can envelop themselves in the action, experience blazing fast performance and immersive graphics.

  • The Aurora desktop delivers the pure, raw power that gamers crave. The systems come loaded with the new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3000 series six-core CPUs, factory overclocked1 and liquid cooled, with the Intel X79 Express Chipset (Dell’s first consumer system to offer this chipset), Quad Channel DDR3[2] memory and the latest SATA technology.
  • Gamers can literally “see” all that power firsthand. Dual graphics cards and beyond 1080p gaming with immersive multi-display and 3D HD[3] capabilities allow gamers to experience any game at its best – as intended by the game developers.
  • And the gaming desktops are intelligently designed for unparalleled customization. In addition to raw power, an innovative chassis design and intuitive internal component layout allows for user-friendly upgrades and optimized thermal management.

Purposeful Cool Design

Designed from the inside out with performance, function and style in mind, Alienware Aurora’s chassis delivers a purposeful internal layout in a sleek, beautiful and compact form factor.

The desktop’s maintenance-free, high performance CPU Liquid Cooling replaces the standard heat sink and fan that comes with most PCs, and its Active Venting system provides additional heat dissipation during heavy gaming. This unique design increases component longevity and allows Aurora to stay nearly twice as quiet as competitors with traditional heat sink and fan layouts. Additionally, all core components inside the Aurora are purposefully compartmentalized in chambers that provide clean, clear and easy tool-less access for upgrades, maintenance or showing off.

Supporting AMD CrossFireX technology, Alienware Aurora is capable of housing two graphics cards for maximum performance and extreme graphics power. All Aurora graphics cards use GDDR5 graphics memory[2], the most advanced offering available. With Microsoft’s DirectX 11 graphics API, complex virtual worlds will come alive.

“The PC gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, and our customers are demanding systems that can keep up with the most graphic-intensive games on the market,” said Arthur Lewis, vice president, Alienware and Product Management for Consumer, Small and Medium Business. “Alienware Aurora, our most advanced gaming desktop ever, delivers an experience that will exceed the expectations of any serious gamer.”

Complete Control

All Alienware laptops and desktops come complete with the Alienware Command Center, which provides intuitive, user-friendly access to exclusive applications and controls, including AlienFX lighting effects, Thermal Controls and AlienFusion power management system. AlienFX allows users to customize the exterior lighting zones on the chassis with over 25 billion color combinations for a one-of-a-kind personalized experience. Updates and new releases download directly into Command Center, creating a constantly evolving tool for users to modify and personalize their gaming computer.

Gaming Supremacy

Alienware is recognized throughout the industry and with customers alike for performance, functionality and design. The Alienware M17x gaming laptop with Intel Sandy Bridge processors recently won Gold in the Gaming category for “The Best Products of 2011” from PC Magazine, and the Alienware M11x R3 laptop won Silver. As new technology is released, look for Alienware to continually offer the latest in PC gaming hardware, partnering with other industry leaders to deliver an optimized gaming experience.

Detailed Information:

  • 2nd Generation 3000 series Intel Core i7 Six Core Processor Options
  • New Intel X79 Express Chipset with Unlocked BIOS for Overclocking[1]
  • Single and Dual Graphics Options:
    • 1GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6870[2]
    • 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6950[2]
    • 1.25GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti[2]
    • 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580[2]
    • 3GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590[2]
    • Dual 1GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6870 - AMD CrossFireX[2]
    • Dual 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6950 - AMD CrossFireX[2]
  • 8GB or 16GB Quad Channel 1600MHz DDR3 Memory Options[2]
  • Fast 7,200RPM Hard Drive Options up to 2TB; 256GB and 512GB SSD Options[4]
  • Single and Dual Optical Drive Options; Including Blu-ray Disc Reader and Burner
  • High Quality Audio Options:
    • Internal High-Definition 7.1 Performance Audio with Waves MAXX Audio Software (Standard)
    • Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio (Optional)
    • Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium (Optional)
  • System Dimensions: height: 16.77” (426mm), depth: 25.39” (645mm), width: 9.85” (250mm); weight: starting at 45lbs (20.41kg)

Availability and Pricing:

Alienware Aurora is available now on with a starting price of $2,199.


Do their bios have overclocking options?


Really cool system, but nothing beats building it yourself. :)


"New Intel X79 Express Chipset with Unlocked BIOS for Overclocking[1]"


Good to see water cooling now comes standard.

I have always liked the Alienware look.


Alienware has always had an eye-catching design and that component list is drool-worthy.

@Slugbug I'm pretty sure it depends on what bios is present on the motherboard but it being Alienware I would wager overclocking would be present, even though I'm not a betting man.


I agree with building it yourself: saves money, learn about the technology itself, and overall just a rewarding experience.

Der Meister

Cool looking case, it looks like the vents on the top open and close as well (sweet!). I wonder what the base model for 2,199 gets you....


I guess this is okay for people who dont build their own systems.

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These specs are pretty awesome, and not to mention that is a bad azzzz case!!!!

  •  Roth
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oh baby... If it were me, I'd go with that GTX 590!


Looks like a good build, but I like the fun of building my own PC's too much anymore.

If I won one, that would be good for me, but if I had cash to get one, I'd be building it myself and using the money saved to make it a little better. [:)]

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The entire thing looks good as all Alienware machines are and this seem like a nice machine for a person to buy if they don't want to build their own PC's. However, building your own PC will always result in a better machine and if you just have to buy a PC then there are better choices out there. Still, it's a good PC for the price and nobody's going to be disappointed if they buy it.

Still, they've got a pretty sweet case.


False advertising! This is so not the most advanced desktop 😛... HAHA. nothing much to say :P


well you can't doo much more than that. This is a complete gaming rig. there is n other way to put it. it works its fast its cold its [censored]in and sexy. dell i take my hat off to you. i would use this computer with a 40inch screen 3d graphics and just own on some noobs. good hell with this computer i could do that and hack there computers at the same time. RESPECt.