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HotHardware Holiday Gift Guide: NotebooksWhether it's for yourself or someone else, consider this your go-to guide for picking out the perfect notebook PC. We're all about spreading the holiday cheer, and if it means sifting through dozens or even hundreds of laptops to find the best ones, then so be it. This is what we do, and we'd much rather you spend your time this holiday season with your family and friends than clicking frantically through the web trying to make sense of all the available models. We've already done it, and these are our picks...

HotHardware Holiday Gift Guide: Notebooks


Sweet guide 🙂 these gift guide are really great for us techies to share with less technically inclined people and have saved me a lot of questions this holiday season.

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Cool, now I have a bunch of notebooks to recommend to the less technologically inclined. The ones with HotHardware reviews attached to them I'll give extra consideration because well, HotHardware knows it's stuff.

Mike Coyne

Gift Guide is good idea so anyone can decide to buy any brand of laptop for family or friends or w[censored]ver. It is help us to study what the laptop have to offer the best performance or other stuff what everyone want to use the laptop.

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Another great roundup to share about :)


Nice guide with solid choices, couldn't help to notice though the lack of three letters - A,P,&U. No love for Brazos or LLano?


All great choices.  But, I'm looking for a much lower priced laptop for my son for Xmas.  He does quite a bit of video and audio editing and, etc.  Budget around $400-$600.

1) do i need to look at a model with dscrete gpu, or will the built in visuals and turboboost of an i5+ cpu be OK?

2) if need discrete gpu, thoughts on this...seems like a great deal...



Hi Jheck1 I would certainly go for a system with a discrete graphics card and the system you links looks very nice for what I would consider light editing. The videos should be under 15 minutes I would think to not tax this system too much. It has a 64-bit operating system and that is necessary for some video editing programs. The only thing that may need to be considered is bumping the RAM up on the machine but that could be done later on easily and fairly cheap.


The zenbook is like the aprhodite of laptops this thing is gorgeous and works amazingly well. the mac book doesn't have the capability this does but apple has a reputation for coming back and blowing the compettion away.

All i can say is keep fighting asus its going to be tough, mac will respond and then some.


Those ultrabooks look tempting but i am with paul, wait. i am waiting for the gigabyte reversable top with baited breath, i am currently working through highschool and frankly that would be the coollest toy on the block. i would be able to use it for everything and would right down to the day i got mugged. it has the capabilities of every laptop the awesomeness of a tablet and the preformance of a desktop, sounds fantastics, Thumbs up on this one paul.


JHeck1 the system you linked to looks to be a good fit for your needs, and I agree with Omegadraco's suggestion of upgrading the ram - both the amount (8gb) & speed (DDR 1333). One other consideration would be to get a 7200 rpm HDD later on too. 

Hope that helps!


I agree with AKnudson. The Zenbook looks so beautiful! Another great roundup! The Ultrabooks that I want are still too pricey and out of my price range.


Somehow I'm interested in the Apple Zenbook UX21 :)

The design (like stainless steel) really what made it exceptional


Loving Alienware.