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I’m building up quite the portfolio

of affected gamers, who find after a forum violation they’re unable to

access their Origin games. And within this is a more disturbing trend –

those who are finding that their forum bans are, without explanation,

becoming permanent bans. Permanent bans from accessing their Origin

accounts, their Battlelog accounts, and therefore downloading purchased

games, and playing online. Something which obviously raises serious

questions about consumer rights, which is of course another angle we’re

currently investigating.

Most exceptional perhaps is Aaron, who

after receiving a 72 hour ban was told by EA support they couldn’t help

because “the game developers control this”. Pardon? His crime? Someone

else swearing on the forum, with his username in their post. Trying the

live chat support instead, he was then informed that his account was

permanently banned, and that “all property, items, and characters

associated currently are or will soon be deleted.” Followed by, “Is

there anything else I can do for you?” Aaron tried again, pointing out

that forum bans shouldn’t affect games. And then came this incredible


“Please be informed that your account not only suspended,

But it is also Banned, So you will no longer to play the game in single


If you use Origin, don't post on the forums. Or don't use Origin.

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Shame. EA just seems to keep getting worse and worse; and I thought they were getting better!

Le Sigh...

Der Meister

TaylorKarras wrote:

Shame. EA just seems to keep getting worse and worse; and I thought they were getting better!

Le Sigh...

When did they get better? lol


Yup, EA's getting lots of bad press lately. The $30 Tetris, for one, and the expiring online passes... This one is ridiculous, though.


Give it a little time. They'll do it to the wrong person, someone with the means to go after them, and they'll get their butts handed to them on a platter in a court of law.

~THEN~ their crap will tone down and their politically correct mods will be no more. 


Honestly i think they're just pushing to see how far they can beat on us until we finally crack down and file a class-action suit against them.  Once that happens, and trust me, they'll lose big time, they'll chane their tone.  they won't have a choice.  until then, however, people will just bend over, take it in the rear, and throw a hissy fit cuz they didn't like how it felt.  I agree though, don't use the forum for Origin, lol, duh!  I don't even see why there IS an Origin forum really, it appears they're trying to copy Steam's stuff in every possible way.  oh well.  Both of my origin games were free for me anyway, lol.