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Do you remember what you were doing 19 years ago today? Odds are high you didn't own a mobile phone, though you may have been rocking a beeper (yes kids, beepers used to be cool). But believe it or not, the very first SMS text message was sent off nearly two decades ago, much to the bane of linguists who twitch every time they see a shorthand message make a mockery of the English (or any other) language.

The very first text message was actually grammatically sound (mostly). It read, "Merry Christmas," and other than the lack of a punctuation mark, there isn't much for linguists to complain about. Today it's just as likely to be written as, "omg m3rry xma5!"

In any event, the world's first text message was hammered out by engineer Neil Papworth of the British technology company Sema (now Airwide Solutions) to Vodafone director Richard Jarvis in Newbury, southern England, according to The Times of India. It was sent over the Vodafone GSM network in the U.K. on December 3, 1992 from a computer to an Orbitel 901 handset.

SMS text messaging has certainly evolved since then. According to, 8 trillion text messages will be sent in 2011.

"I had my first beeper when I was eleven , believe or not. Got it through a friend who set it up for me for $50. I was a young Mack Daddy or Daddy Mack, lol."

Do you know the importance of a skypager? (Google It)

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Huh... I have to wonder if it's over two decades old then why haven't it gotten recent usage until today. I mean surely they would of found a way to implement it in their phones decade ago...

Anyway, happy birthday SMS!


Wow this is very surprising. I only started using text messaging a few years ago, but then again I hate it so I only use it rarely. I do believe that it has a purpose though. I love getting a text message from an automated system if work is closed instead of having to use the phone tree and talk to my boss for 5 minutes.


I also have only been using text for like 5 years now, before it was too expensive or you were limited. 1992...I wasn't even old enough to know what a cell phone was or even heard of one. (I think)


and thus 19 years ago IDK my BFF Jill was born!


Speaking of cellphones, what's with commercials on TV that show everything a cellphone can do except its original purpose, Like the stupid Telus ads that feature birds, reptiles, and various animals jumping up and down to hip hop music.


Well! Using text saves me some cash. Instead of going by voice, I just use text.

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8 trillion? That's insane. I can only laugh at people who sit and text non stop. When I see teens texting like crazy it doesn't bother me so much but when grown men and women do it? I roll my eyes.

The worst part is when you are having a conversation with someone on the net and they only write in "texting format". Most times I comment on how illiterate it makes them look so hopefully they stop, I don't like 'dumbing' myself down to try to read it. I'm glad to say I won't be contributing to those 8 trillion texts being sent this year since I don't own a cell phone.

But hey Happy birthday to the English format that is destroying the brain cells of our youth, and some adults too. So which is the correct way now? You're, your, or UR? [FACEPALM] LoL


Happy Birthday! SMS has changed the world, it is always useful and will never die out.


19 years ago? I was 1 year old! Texting has played a large part in my life being a college student. It has gotten pretty bad the past few years but most of my friends try to not text too much. But I do like to text if I do not have time for a phone call.  Hell, even just texting and talking about random things is fun.  It's like always being on AIM in the old days.  Only this time you can't be invisible haha. Happy birthday SMS! May you soon turn into TMS (Telepathic Message System) ;)


Yeah! Same here. I like to text.