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The Free Software Foundation has a very good write-up of something Microsoft's trying to slip in under the radar as part of the Windows 8 requirements:

This basically means that to get the "Windows 8 Compatible" sticker, manufacturers have to implement Secure (i.e. restricted) Boot.  The problem is, it may be implemented in a way that you can't turn off - making your new hardware "Windows Only".

Now, most people probably say "Who cares? I run Windows anyway".  But, a lot of people here are more technical and know that this would not only kill their ability to use not only Linux, BSD, etc... but also to use recovery disks/usb-keys/liveCDs etc. based on those operating systems.

Also, I'm sure everyone here knows that this technology will do practically nothing of benefit as most viruses/trojans nowadays use hooks *inside* of Windows instead of loading at boot.  The only thing this technology really does is potentially stop a new company from coming along and giving Microsoft competition (and we've seen the stagnation that occurs in Microsoft products when there's no competition (IE4... IE5...).

Microsoft-bashing aside, if you would consider signing the petition (below), so that we can ensure *we* have control of our machines and not just the manufacturer and Microsoft, I'd greatly appreciate it.  You may appreciate it too one day when you want to re-purpose that old Windows machine to run MythTV or something else to extend its life.



Signed and delivered 🙂

Windows only hardware = fail and would be cause another huge anti-trust suit.


No Problem,... I'm off to go sign it right now.

For a company that had their ass handed to them on a platter for anti competitive practices in the past, they haven't learned much.

I imagine that they're trying to justify this by waxing poetic about system security benefits?

It's lucky for many of us that Win-8 isn't really necessary considering how well Win-7 works. (for my gaming)


Done and Done immediately 3vi1 !!

  we had some stories and articles previously in here about the future of the so so called MS  Win 8 secure boot some key signing etc

surely hope that others will get involved that they are concerned about the freedom to have a choice as to what system they want to run at boot time on hardware they purchased or they simply may not have one.

So thanks for posting this 3vi1 [Y]I...have always felt very strongly about being able to choose which ever flavour of a desktop, OpenSource systems, kernels &  apps to config & run on hardware that's either purchased or won.

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I'm with you on this one.


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Thanks guys!  As usual, you all rock.

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Looks like Microsoft's trying to slip one over on us:  After the discussion died down they released their Windows 8 certification terms.  It specifically states, for ARM based devices, that users should *not* be allowed to disable "secure boot".

Can I get another round of anti-trust proceedings up in this $%#@^?


thanks for the updated info  3vi1  and no doubt MS is blatantly practicing anti-trust measures and paving the way to slip one by ::   to not have any of that exclusive restrictions place on product  specs in the future would be rather deceptive ..


"It will be interesting to see what impact the suggestion has on this

issue, and with over 16,000 people having signed the Free Software

Foundation’s statement on “Secure Boot” the chances of this issue meekly subsiding are small. "

no surprise from MS and likely to be business as usual & the brainwashing continues