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While Windows PC makers are making a push into thin and light territory with Intel's Ultrabook concept, Apple is reportedly prepping a refreshed MacBook Air line that, for the first time, will include a 15.6-inch model. This will be in addition to existing 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch form factors that already exist in the MacBook Air family.

News of a 15.6-inch model comes from DigiTimes, which claims to have heard the plans from "sources from the upstream supply chain." Those sources say the new MacBook Air systems will launch in the first quarter of 2012.

"Commenting on Apple's move, sources from retail channels pointed out that Apple will start dropping the price of its existing MacBook Airs before launching its series and the promotion could further boost Apple's share in the global notebook market," DigiTimes says.

That's a double whammy for Ultrabook makers, who will not only have to compete with a 15.6-inch MacBook Air, but also against lower priced Airs that will still be relatively well equipped as 2012 gets under way.
Super Dave

Isn't competition great![:D] This could mean that, eventually, I might be able to afford an Ultrabook!


Competition is great, but we'll have to see how close they can come to the target price of $1000 or less for ultra books with similar specs.


I don't expect Apple to lead the charge on downward pricing (maybe shave off $50-$100 here and there). Gotta pay that Apple tax. And Ultrabook makers seem to be struggling to get under $1000 so it will be tough, Apple could just s[censored]ze them out.


if i were apple i would make a 15inch mac book air. Mac books airs are what they actually sell the most of on the computer front. I doubt they will lower the price, but im sure it will still sell. Cadillac wasnt selling until they raised the prices.

Super Dave

Yeah baby - Intel plans to offer a cool $100 subsidy towards the purchase of a new Ultrabook (see HERE)![:P]


I would buy a 15" Macbook Air if the specs were decent.  May have to hold off on a tech purchase (whether PC or Mac) until it becomes more clear whether this would be released