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Antec announced that its new Eleven Hundred gaming case will be available in “late November” (which, um, is now) in the U.S. The case is designated as the new flagship in Antec’s gaming series and features a redesigned look and expandability and cooling options.

The Eleven Hundred can handle even XL-ATX motherboards and four-way GPU setups, so gamers can trick out those systems without limits. Other features include a 200mm fan and two 120mm fans (on the top, rear, and behind the motherboard, respectively) as well as mounts for seven additional fans; tool-less 5.25- and 3.5-inch bays; and plenty of room for cables and cable routing.

You can snag a new Antec Eleven Hundred for $129.95 MSRP.

Antec Announces the Eleven Hundred Enclosure
New flagship in the Gaming Series supports four-way GPU configurations

Fremont, CA – November 22, 2011 – Antec, Inc. is proud to announce the Eleven Hundred, the newest member of the award-winning Gaming Series.

The Eleven Hundred marks a new chapter in the Gaming Series with an all-new attractive design and a revamped lineup of expandability, cooling and convenience features.

Gamers seeking the highest level of performance will want to take advantage of the Eleven Hundred’s support for XL-ATX sized motherboards and four-way GPU configurations – the most expandability of any Antec chassis.

The Eleven Hundred features default 200 mm top and 120 mm rear fans and mounts for up to seven more fans for advanced GPU and hard drive cooling – including one 120 mm intake fan behind the motherboard tray to cool the CPU. Users can also utilize the included fan power hub to connect up to four 3-pin fans to a single Molex for improved cable management.

Emphasizing ease-of-use in a gaming enclosure, Antec introduces tool-less 5.25” and 3.5” drive bays for hassle-free installation. Up to 36 mm of cable routing space and grommet-lined cable routing holes help users organize their builds while allowing for easy installation of future components. For convenient maintenance, the PSU intake & front air filters can be removed without taking off the side panel or tipping the case.

“The Eleven Hundred offers a set of features that will appeal to gamers and mainstream users alike at a very reasonable price point,” said Mafalda Cogliani, Global Marketing Director at Antec. “The Gaming Series has always defined our advancement in the industry, and this case will continue that momentum.”

The Eleven Hundred reaches store shelves and online retail outlets in late November in North America and early December in Europe with a MSRP of $129.95 and € 129, respectively.
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I guess it looks good.... The fact that it can fit any kind of motherboard and do all of those things will make it a must by for customers.

Besides, who can't love that Antec look right there?


Clean. Simple. Timeless. That about sums it up.


Love Antec cases. I'm using one right now, in fact all my builds have been Antec cases. Simple and classy, without kaleidoscope lighting (not insulting you if that's your thing).

Mike Coyne

I like this Antec Tower.. I used to have two of Antec tower before. They were very simple and not fancy. That what i like.


I almost bought one of these a while back so I am sure it was the last model I think it was a 1200 but it was there biggest hold any motherboard awesome ventilation package at the time. Either way Antec makes great cases and this one looks to be definitely up my alley I like my cases big so you can do what you want with them, and because the airflow cooling is great. However with the liquid cooling and SSD's getting larger you can now get pretty much anything you want reliably in whatever, wherever, or however you want because the cooling is so much more efficient (SSD's produce less heat and take up less space than mechanical HD's and therefore the systems run cooler and more efficient)!


As far as it has been for quite some time an Antec case is one of the few brands I always look at and autoomatically trust generally for quality solutions especially in cases!


my 900- 2 is still going strong, but i swapped out most of the fans. my main issue is the lack of expandibility to watercooling- I hope to see this change that.



That's what I see here.

Yes, it's full featured and it's great looking too. But you can get all of the above for less with a company like Cooler Master.


This is probably the first Antec case i ever really wanted to buy, lol.  It's just so... nice.  Really, really nice.  It's not super flashy, it's not super boring, it's just right.