Ok i think i'm ready to buy some of the parts. I think i would like to

wait on the CPU and mobo or at least the cpu. I would like to wait and

see what intel or maybe even amd may come out in the coming next 2 to 3


What are your thoughts on AMD cpu? I know they are not on par with intel

but for the price it's hard to beat. Plus they came out with there FX

series and sure they can be OCed and what not. I'm just curious on your

thoughts about amd and if anyone else wants to chime in.

The reason why i ask is i'm looking at the AMD cpu cause of it's cost.

But maybe you can start recommending me case (water cooling ready), cooling (looking into closed loop water cooling), memory, psu, vid card, SSD or HD or even a mobo

if need be. Like i said before i would like to have the latest features

or "future proof" as possible. But if i do find a good deal on a cpu i

may not past it up so who knows.

Good idea to start some of the build? But like i said if i find good deals on a cpu and may just go ahead and buy all the stuff.

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My opinion... AMD CPU's are good for the price but the older Phenom and Athlon CPU's are severely out of date, even when overclocked. The Bulldozer series is an admirable performer but you'd be best to wait for the next iteration of Bulldozer as that'll work better due to improved performance and that'll provide more bang for the buck. But If you have to go with an AMD processor; go with either the FX-8150 or the Phenom 6 core processor Black Edition; sure Bulldozer may be underwhelming but I feel like those two CPU's are the best choices if you want to go AMD.

As for the case; I don't think you need something ready for water cooling as closed loop doesn't involve any custom designs; just a single cooler like the H70; however, if you do want a water cooling case I could recommend the Corsair Obsidian as it looks like it could be suitable for your water cooling needs.

Video cards, I would just wait for the next generation. The 28mms are around the corner and they offer to be more futureproof then the last generation.

Memory, PSU; I'd go with Corsair due to the quality of the brand and the quality of the customer support.

SSD: OCZ all of the way.

I don't know what motherboard I can reccomend you since you haven't chosen Intel or AMD yet but I can reccommend the brands ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and ASRock.


Yea i think i'm looking into going water cooling.

When do you expect the next gen bulldozer  and Vid cards to come out? Since i'm looking more toward the AMD line what type of mobo i should go with?

I'm looking into getting the AMD processor cause cause wise it's cheaper and i think it will suite me well. Besides i can always OC if i need a little more juice.

I've heard some people and my buddy had issues with SSD ocz drives. Some had incompatibility issues and OCZ customer services is horrible.

I finally got my amazon gift cards and i'm ready to start buying some parts for the my new pc build.  I would be willing to wait for the next gen or updated vid cards and AMD chips.


eunoia wrote:

Remember, it's just online opinion, read more than one if you want to get to your cosmic truth.

Oh, hell yeah!

Well Said!

Der Meister

the next Vid cards will prob be out in Q1 of 12. You could wait but there will always be something else on the horizon to wait for. 

As far as water cooling I suggest looking into the closed loop systems and not a custom system. While the custom systems are nice, I have one, they are also quite expensive and and not a beginner task to get set up.


I'm on other forums as well but so far no one has responded just yet. You guys are the only ones so far.

I don't plan on doing custom water cooling. NO way and i'm a newb.

Closed water loop, the liquid doesn't have to be refilled correct? What are the chances of that stuff leaking?

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No refilling is needed.

Chances of leaking is rare but it can happen, especially if the unit is defective. To be sure, make use you handle the unit with care and if you see anything wrong with your computer or smell something burning then you should immediately power off everything, unplug everything from the computer (including the CMOS battery) and analyze to see if you see any wetspots forming around the area. If you do, remove the offending unit and let the thing dry for about a week (or two if your paranoid.) and after that, install the stock cooler and check to see if the computer is still working; if it's working, you should be fine. If not then you should panic (panic even further if the motherboard's damage is not covered in the warranty.)

After you proved the computer is working, send that unit back for a possible replacement if they allow it. You may be denied or accepted depending on whether or not the cause is user-inflicted or the result of a defective unit. If denied, then you should try to argue your case and if it doesn't work out for you then well, you're out a bunch of money but if it is accepted then just sit back and wait for the unit to arrive.

I know that it may be a bit unnecessary to tell you what to do for something that hasn't happened yet but there is a chance it may happen and in that case you'll want to be prepared for when that happens. Again, even though the chances that it'll happen is rare; it may happen.


I'm curious to know if AMD mobo's have PCI-E 3 capability?

If so which brand?

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A quick Google search shows that PCI-E 3.0 functionality on AMD motherboard aren't avaliable at the moment; however that same search also speculates that the functionality may be available next year, though it's unlikely as reports (from November) show that current AMD chipsets don't have PCI-E 3.0 functionality.


Taylor is right, no PCI-E 3.0 on AMD boards until the next chipset is released, Q2 next year.
As for the closed loop coolers, I've had 6 of them total and none have ever leaked. The hoses on them are very tough and they are sealed quite well. As long as you don't physically abuse them, they'll be fine. I still have 4 of those units now, one is a Corsair H50, 2 are Corsair H60's, and the last one is the AMD-FX Water Cooler for Bulldozer CPU's.
All of them are quiet running and they do a fine job of cooling the CPU's too.


I'll guess i may go with intel since they are PCI-E 3 ready. Well i need to start buying some of my stuff for my build. It's a pain in the but cause not sure which type of cases, mem, mobo and the other stuff.


HOw long have you had the closed loop coolers? Do they work well? Are they fairly quite?

I've read that enermax has gotten into cpu cooling air/water cooling. Any ideas how good they are compared to Corsair and other brands?


I've used Corsair Water Coolers, Asetek Water Coolers, and I have one by AMD that is just for AMD CPU's.

All do a fine job and they're mostly quiet. I usually buy quieter aftermarket fans that move a higher volume of air through the radiator. I put a fan on each side of the radiator in a push/pull configuration so it will work better. I set them to exhaust the hot air out of the case to the rear.

Here is some pictures to show you what I mean.

Note that I'm using SeaSonic brand Power Supply Units in both of them. It's a great brand of PSU to get.

Also, note the extra fans on top, removing hot air up, and out of the case. This seems to work well for me.