I was looking to build a new pc some where in the 1k to 1500 range. But in another forum people said it might be good to hold off cause of next gen GPU and cpu's that are coming out. This will drop the price on the previous GPU and CPU which could save me some money. 

I want to FUTURE PROOF my rig as long as possible. I do game but not a hard core gamer. Also i want to be able to OC if need be, but it's been a while since I messed around with pc's. I knew some things here and there but generally i'm a newb when it comes to PC's. So i would like some suggests on a new build.

Also AMD or intel? I know intel is doing better than AMD but AMD is cheaper.|19-115-070^19-115-070-TS%2C19-103-961^19-103-961-TS%2C19-103-913^19-103-913-TS%2C19-103-962^19-103-962-TS

A new case


SSD's(worth it?)


LIQUID COOLING Someone said it's not worth it cause it's pricey. This is what he said"On sealed WC units, I'm not kidding. Sealed WC does not equal custom WC,

not by a long shot. They're cheaply made with generic case fans that

are fairly loud. I have an H50, and am running it in push pull. I didn't

like the performance I was getting so I talked Corsair into sending me

two A70 fans. They were mostly just louder. WC is not a simple science.

You can't just have someone make a nifty little pump/reservoir head and

slap any old fans on a rad with tightly packed fins and expect to get

stellar temps. It takes a couple fans with high static pressure to do it

right. A quiet high static pressure fan, like the Scythe Gentle

Typhoons, cost around $16 each. I really feel you're better off with a

Silver Arrow. It would be quieter, easier to clean, and more durable,

and it can easily compete temp wise with even the 240 rad H100 sealed WC

unit that costs way more.

Your thoughts?



SOUND CARDS (if needed. Doesn't good mobos have already good sound prebuilt onto them?)

Der Meister

My first question would be what types of games do you currently play and what games are you looking forward to play.?


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I think eunoia already said what I wanted to say...

I will say that future proofing if you're not a hardcore gamer is not worth it... I'm saying this because for what you do then the extra power will go unused... If you do want to futureproof then the latest generation of video cards (28nm) is just around the corner and supposedly, offer better performance then the current generation of video cards, everything else eunoia said will suffice; just wait on the video cards.


OK I think i should of been a little more clearer when i stated "future proofing".

I guess what i'm trying to say is that i  want a cpu or and mobo that is the latest or most current gen as possible but with out breaking the bank. I don't want to get something now then a months later something newer will be out. But...i know something that i get now there will be a newer and better stuff.  Hope i explained a little better. I understand something better will come out it's just that i don't want it to be so close together.


What is your thought on AMD? I ask because it's seems pretty cheap and bang for your buck.

Also isn't the LGA 1155 being fazed out when the new Ivy bridge hits? I got this from another forum.


Thanks guys. U guys been a lot of help.

If i have anymore questions i will sure to ask them.

I saw a link someone had regarding BF deals that hothardware has on their website.  I can't seem to find it.


G.SKILL RIPSAW X series. Are they worth it? Maybe i can piece together slowly build until i'm ready to fully commit. Can they be bought for cheaper? Or are they better memory for the price?

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it looks like solid stuff

Der Meister

just different heat spreaders, So they put two different names on them... stupid I know but that how it goes. 


WOW REALLY!!! Why do they do that???

If you had to choose which one would you go for?

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My guess... Well it'd be the ripjaws mainly for the design... Not sure about the sniper but the ripjaws look like they could dissipate some massive heat.