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Although details are still under wraps, Futuremark let us know that its next gaming benchmark is forthcoming and gave us a peek at the tool’s concept art.

With a working title of “3Dmark for Windows 8”, the benchmark will measure gaming performance across a variety of devices including tablets, notebooks, and high-end systems. It will support x86 and ARM processors and will run in either the classic Windows environment or the new Metro UI.

3Dmark for Windows 8 will be available sometime next year.

Futuremark® Announces New 3DMark® for Windows 8 Devices

HELSINKI, FINLAND ? NOVEMBER 14, 2011 ? Futuremark®, the world leader in performance benchmarking software, today announced development of a new version of 3DMark®, the company's flagship benchmark for gamers. 3DMark for
Windows 8 (working title) is designed for gaming performance measurement and comparison across all Windows 8 devices from tablets and notebooks to high-end desktop gaming systems. The announcement was accompanied by an
atmospheric concept image for the new benchmark showing an elemental rock warrior brandishing two blazing swords.

Jukka Mäkinen, CEO of Futuremark said, "With Windows 8 gamers will be able to enjoy their games on a wide range of
devices from lightweight tablets to heavy-duty desktop rigs. Faced with so much choice it will be hard to work out which devices offer the best value for money. Fortunately 3DMark for Windows 8 will be our most wide-reaching 3DMark ever, able to accurately measure and compare gaming performance across all devices and graphical feature sets available with Windows 8."

3DMark for Windows 8 (working title)

- Measures and compares gaming performance on all Windows 8 devices
- Stunning real-time scenes stress test all levels of hardware
- Supports both x86 and ARM-based architectures
- Can be used in both Metro UI and 'classic' Windows environments
- Created in co-operation with the world?s leading technology companies
- Currently in development, expected to be released in 2012
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Don't know why'd they make a new 3DMark after the last one they've released which is sufficient enough (3DMark11) but it's cool nonetheless... Even cooler to see a company wanting to measure the performance of any device, not just the high-end systems.


"Cool, so the Tablet bragging rights will flood forums all around the web in 2012."


I don't know this picture is way smaller than the laptop, desktop, or even all in one market as a whole. As far as it goes I think there are only 4 players in this market period AMD, Nvidia, Intel, and ARM just announced a full on GPU. The main difference is between them there will be no difference you will have one of those OEM's, not a ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, Zotac, Sapphire, XFX, HIS etc.