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Get your Sandy Bridge-E, hot of the presses. While Intel doesn't always unleash chips and ship dates at the same time, today's a lucky day for those who just so happen to have spare cash laying around and a desire to pop the newest silicon from Intel into their rig. The Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU is a robust new i7; one that reviewed just earlier today. Once you've read that and made up your mind, NewEgg already has the chip available for consumer sales, with $599.99 buying the 3.2GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) processor in quantities of 1. No need to become a business and buy a truckload, phew!

Hit the Via below to get your order in -- who knows how long that "In Stock" will remain as such.

i have never see the point in buying one of the higher end intel chips. I mean unless you plan on doing nothing but audio and video editing, then maybe. But i just cant see the advantage. Well i mean you save money if you get it with a blu-ray burner, killer deal.


Very nice... the 3960x is only $1,049.99 [:P]

I will have to wait until the price drops on the normal chips the 3930k $600 bucks for just the processor is a bit out of my budget.


I agree LLeCompte and not that I would not want it as it is just the best commercially available I tend not to ever get the TOP of the line in CPU's. Yes I may get close but the top of the line generally does not exist very long at all either so the only positive (bragging rights basically) goes away very quickly as well!


ya i go with compte, even if price drops i still don't have a reason to get it but to make everyone jelly xD


I wouldn't call that price on sale.


"The 2500K is more than enough for every one and The 2600K has a little extra umph. To shave off just a few seconds off transcoding video or audio is not worth it to get the thses new chips. And gaming, a few frames doesn't even matter. Sandy Bridge 1155 is the best out there."


2500K will suffice for the time being.