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eunoia wrote:

Wildfire is blazing!  Still out of range for me, but the motherboard I just put in my rig will take these newfangled SATA 6Gb/s drives to the max.  You know...errr..."future-proofing." Smile

yep no doubt The Patriot Wildfire is an excellent SSD ! Withe P67 mainboard in this rig after updating the Patriot Firmware be sure to disable the C3 /C6 States in the bios and you do not need or want the Intel RST drivers at all.

*** Was also curious to see if there would be a difference with the Patriot's Wildfire  Performance & ATTO scores for example  in Windows 8  with the Protogon File system & just 'cuz....

so thanks eunoia [:)]


Beautiful rig. Very lucky to have that!

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A few weeks ago had a bit of luck on fb an got my hands on one of these Noctua NH-L12 coolers .


Very nice and well made kit ! with all the accessories make it easily configurable. Just a little update, ... been using  HH Labor day a lot and one of the things I did was replace the 'squirrely' sounding PSU fan, a few months ago and since the Havik 140 may be a bit overkill for the Intel 2400 S been using just one 140mm  fan on it.Still have to check out the Noctua  NH-L12 cooler and this one is whisper quiet and installed in the HH Labor Day Rig below.


The other thing that is a bit different is a GSkill CL 1600 - 8 GB kit instead of the Patriot 1866 - 4GB kit.


Nice win!

Noctua is premium gear.