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Remember that awful sound that would emanate from your dial-up modem every time you hopped onto the Internet? Most of us have since graduated to broadband bliss, at least those of us fortunate to live anywhere but the boonies. As it turns out, dial-up is still mildly popular, and whether that's by necessity or choice, AOL is still the go-to company for such service.

To wit, AOL has nearly 3.5 million subscribers who use the company's dial-up service, just like you did back in the 1990s. That's according to AOL's third quarter financial report, and represents a 15 percent drop from the same quarter one year prior. Those remaining dial-up subscribers added $17.49 million to AOL's bottom line in the third quarter.

That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, and is far less than the number of dial-up subscribers AOL had at its peak in 2002 (26.7 million), but don't scoff, 3.5 million is still a bit of a big deal. As Dan Frommer over at SplatF points out, that's more than the number of people who pay for Spotify, and the decline in numbers is AOL's smallest Q3 drop yet. In other words, dial-up just refuses to die.

What type of Internet service are you using, and how fast is it?
Marco C

Awful sound? For shame! I have the sound of modems handshaking as the ringtone on my phone. 🙂 And to answer your question, 50Mb (down) / 8Mb (up) cable...

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Eh, I kind of found the sound kind of plesent, like a piece of internet culture in the 90's, when things actually mattered...

Anyway, right now I'm on Charter with 24Mbs (down) and 1Mbs (up); seems pretty good so far...


As for me, I do find it the sound very unpleasant since it brings back the memory of my dad swearing everytime he picks up the phone and knows that I'm keeping the line busy. And up till I left my country of birth in 2009, Dial up with all I had with a measly 28Kbps.

Know I'm on 8Mbs/1Mbs and at first I thought it's wicked fast till the koreans came and they just couldn't stand how slow the internet was.


Eh the sounds of a modem does not really bother me. I still get to hear it every time I send a fax at work.

The FCC is looking to make dial-up die with some of their most recent regulation.

ADSL 6Mbps down/1.5Mbps up Can't afford Comcast.


I am on 30 down 2 up now but I never minded the sound for sure not to mention I primarily used it at night back then and I would usually double up and use both lines in the house together. So although it was not what today is speed wise it was halfway decent especially for the bandwidth required back then. Lol I remember playing both Ultima online and EQ1 which was one of the main reasons I used 2 lines as if oe dropped but you have both running bound you usually would not drop all the way. Oh and we had Copper wires in and out to the curb which was also an advantage and still is I guess if you still use dial up!


Cable, 10Mbps down/1Mbps up.

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Dialup 44k down 36k up is what i used to have till less than a year and a half ago when i was able to get a 3G mobile broadband modem. Now what speeds i get depend upon the weather conditions, but it averages about 2 down with 0.5 up.

There is no reason any company is going to get rid of phone lines or dialup, they make to much damn money off of them as it is practically pure profit since the lines have been paid off for 50+ years and there is no need to upgrade dialup servers just maintain the same crap they had back in 1998. Unless there is a significant incentive to move broadband to rural areas the telecom companies will not do it. It is just sad that 3rd world countries have better internet than the US, the supposed best country in the world. We need a broadband race similar to the space race of the 60s to get things moving.

Der Meister

DSL From Century-link (worst ISP ever!). Claims 7mbps/750kbps but more typical is 4-2.5mbps/500-200kbps....


Cable 25 down 3 up.


Der Meister wrote:

DSL From Century-link (worst ISP ever!).

Century Link does suck, big time.

But now I'm on a Cable Modem and I get:


My grandpa still used dial-up until last year, when he replaced his windows 95 computer with a new one. The new one didn't even have a modem in it for dialup anymore, so it was time he got cable internet. Hooked it up for him, and he's very happy with it; plus it's cheaper. I myself just got FibrePower by UPC; 50Mbps down, 3Mbps up. Don't really notice it over 30Mbps except for when I'm downloading via usenet or something similar.


Ahh, the noise of connection 🙂. I need faster internet :(


i'm still rocking AOL, as a frisbee.

Der Meister

jonation wrote:

i'm still rocking AOL, as a frisbee.

those worked the best!