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37: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - Oct. 17, 2011In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks, Iyaz, Marco and Dave discuss Apple's new iPhone 4S, OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid PCI Express HD/SSD, the Asus Zenbook UX21 Ultrabook, our huge round-up of Z68 motherboards, and details of our next sweepstakes where one lucky reader could win a Core i7-based, high fidelity multimedia PC…

Show Notes:
01:05 - Apple iPhone 4S: What's In It For You vs iPhone 4?
09:23 - OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCI Express SSD Review
13:05 - Asus Zenbook UX21E Hands-On Video Demo
18:42 - Z68 Roundup: ASUS, EVGA, ASRock, GB, MSI, ZOTAC
21:23 - Contest System Details Revealed


Nice broadcast almost 10 minutes on the iPhone lol.

Can't say it enough that ZenBook is super sleek and hot...

I am with you Marco ASUS ("Ay-SOOS") boards rock and I have not custom built one machine yet that did not include one of their mobos in it.

Shucks no bag full of parts [:P] here is a link to the PC Audio Labs base machine. Look at the Rok Box MC 7Xs *drools*

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Sweet. The Rok Box will make for a nice change of pace for all of those gaming PC's. I mean man, the memory and the acoustics. Plus I'm guessing it'll include a pretty sweet high quality sound card. With a machine like this, I'm sure to have a kicking sound studio at home (I do have a condenser mic already.) Just one question, does it come packed with all of the audio production software possible... Doesn't matter much, can't wait!

Thanks Dave and Marco.


yep another solid vid cast and some marketing insights with the Apple iPhone..which for me is what a lot of that is .Found the OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid PCI Express HD/SSD to be a pretty innovative product and liked Marco take on why not toss a WD raptor on it  but no thanks for me .any how that thing can be quite simple to set up and use and actually priced not all that bad considering ease of setup and realizing it's use and expectations.

meanwhile might as well share a casual name for Episode 38 : how about:

Chili Inside !  Open 'da Window [:)]


Edit :Fixed from previouse

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I know some people have commented before about being sick of the iPhone articles/vids, but this one I'm thankful for. I have forwarded it to a few family members who are drooling over the 4s. I've been trying to explain to them they don't need to upgrade (at least not yet) but so far they are still intent on doing so. I hope this video will change their minds. I don't have a cell phone but unfortunately, when I did I was the one who started the iPhone craze in my family because I owned the 1st gen before it even came to Canada (my country), it didn't take long for them to follow in my foot steps lol. From lower income families, they really cannot afford to upgrade and I don't see the point in them doing so. Damn sheep!!! (j/k)!!

The next giveaway sounds pretty cool and more up my alley than the gaming rigs. We have a recording studio in the spare bedroom and right now everything is hooked up to the oldest pc in the house. We have been considering a RokBox for quite some time but the prices, plus their shipping, is unrealistic for our budget. So to have the opportunity to win one is awesome. to say the least! (Hopefully you still let us Canadians in)

Can't wait for it to go live!


I love me some chilli 😛.

YEA me for getting an android over the 4s 🙂, sister got the 4s though, im going to test them side to side for my self to see 🙂.

Box full of procks? lol

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Manduh wrote:

We have a recording studio in the spare bedroom and right now everything is hooked up to the oldest pc in the house.

Cool... Maybe the RoxBox will make your recording studio 10x awesome eh.


"This episode of Two and a Half Geeks is brought to you by Android, you may be familiar with Android Gingerbread for the smart phone user, but for new upcoming mobile devices, check out Ice Cream Sandwich for simple, sophisticated rooted alternative solution Vs the Iphone 4S"

'A lot of *Typical Apple Hater-Ade* going on in this episode."


OptimusPrimeTime wrote:

'A lot of *Typical Apple Hater-Ade* going on in this episode."

I think it is more of laying the truth out on the table. Apples iPhone is so successful due to the marketing. You can do a lot more with an Android device and this is shown by the fact that Apple implemented features in their iOS 5 that are straight out of the Android OS.