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I'm shopping for a cheap box to do some MW3 caputure on CL.

I noticed The FX-8150's are just sitting.

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CYu wrote:

I noticed The FX-8150's are just sitting.

That comment made me check on the prices for the FX-8150. I thought they'd lower the prices by now, guess I was wrong. Also odd is that on the online stores it's sold out mostly everywhere... Only 4 online stores still carry the product according to Google...

I agree that $269 is a bit too high but seeing the stock that's not coming, the stock that's still at retail stores like Micro Center and the fact that retailers have not marked it to the suggested retail price or near Intel's retail price (I have to wonder what Intel is offering these retails to keep the prices low.) I'm beginning to think AMD needs to take action regarding this matter.


Good to see this review! Good to keep informed! But at least we know that AMD's bulldozer has finally run out of diesel for good![H] & [Y]


The Amd proccesors major selling point is and always has been price, intel has outpreformed the every step ofthe way, but the major reason AMD is still around is because they are just close enough to keep them in the game.

Tia that with an awesome price and you now have a battle not unlike mac vs pc you can buy comparable products from each but one will be better and as a result the other will be cheaper.

One things strikes me as odd though, AMD doesn't have nearly the market share intel has, historically the cheaper compettitor has more customer base.


Would it be a good idea going from a Phenom 2 X6 1090T to this?

Der Meister

^Depending on what your doing maybe... but for most people no. 





Despite all the other comments here, this actually looks very appealing to me considering I'm sitting on an AMD 3.2GHz 6-core.


I bought this processor as an upgrade from my FX-8120. I bought it from newegg with the LC as a bundle. For 190 a CPU and upgraded cooler from my stock was nice. After selling the 8120 i only really paid about 80 for the new cpu and cooler. So far i haven't had any problems with it. The performance isn't top of the line, but it definitely is great for multi-tasking. The heat generation from this this really is quite high. I wish that it was a little bit more efficient on power in turn making less heat. The ability to OC the FX series has been made quite easy with AMD overdrive. Without changing any kind of voltage i've been able to OC the 8150 to 4.4ghz and keep it stable at about 60-65C with the LC. I have yet to experiment much with changing the voltage. I'm sure i would be able to OC closer to 5 ghz with more experimenting. Overall the price/performance ratio is great in my opinion. Intel continues to outdo AMD on the strict processing side and speed, but like a bunch of other comments state they are much more expensive.