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Designed to take advantage of that 32GB of total system memory or to give a notebook serious performance boost, respectively, Corsair announced 8GB Vengeance and Value Select DDR3 memory kits.

The Vengeance kits run at 1600MHz (1.5V) with timings of 10-10-10-27, giving users the ability to pack in 32GB of RAM into four memory slots.

The 8GB modules in the Value Select line are aimed at mainstream desktop PCs and laptops. The latter often has but a pair of memory slots; with the new Value Select modules, users can bump up their notebook memory to 16GB. Value Select modules will be 1333MHz (1.5V) with 9-9-9-24 timings.


"Corsair can kiss my booty if they think I'm going to pay $270 for a 8GB module, Its out of Stock in NewEgg , but is really because people bought it?


Ouch! $270 is quite a bit of cabbage.

Even so, an 8GB module is impressive. I imagine packing a board with 32GB would pretty much future proof a pc for the foreseeable future. lol

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I have to say, $270 is a reasonable price. I mean that thing is fitting tons of memory chips in there and those higher capacity memory chips cost more then the lower capacity memory chips (ie 4GB, 2GB, etc.), plus, can you imagine how much it cost to make this thing.

I do agree that it could be a bit lower but for the only 8GB memory module out there, the price is seemingly acceptable.


Its hard to believe RAM prices have dropped so much I remember I paid $300 for 2GB Crucial DDR2 1066 3 years ago.

Now I can get 4GB DDR3 for $30 times are good indeed.


ThunderBird wrote:

Now I can get 4GB DDR3 for $30 times are good indeed.

"Actually nowadays you can get 4GB for $15-$20 depending on speeds."


RAM is going down in price faster than I thought possible.

HERE are 8GB sticks that cost less.     (but you have to buy them two at a time)

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Well, at $214 dollars they cost less then the corsair and run somewhat faster though at the cost of the data speed (1333MHz instead of 1600MHz). I'm guessing the way they adjust the speeds/latencies/performance/quality of chips. I think that amounts to the price of the memory.

Did anybody notice that the Corsairs were running at a 10 latency instead of a 7 or 8?