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ZOTAC announced a pair of graphics cards in its GeForce GT 520 line, one each in the PCI and PCI-E x1 form factors. The cards are designed to offer an easy performance boost for older systems and pre-built systems that otherwise don’t have many expandability options.

“Upgrading your graphics card is the easiest way to boost your system performance and gain new capabilities. The new ZOTAC GeForce GT 520 PCI and PCI Express x1 graphics cards shows that you can experience good graphics without upgrading the rest of your system,” said Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International in a press release.


Features include a low profile; dual simultaneous independent display support; DVI, HDMI, and VGA outputs; NVIDIA CUDA technology; and OpenGL 4.1. As far as other specs are concerned, the cards sport a 64-bit interface, 810MHz engine clock, 48 unified shaders, 1620MHz shader clock, 1333MHz memory clock, and 512MB DDR3.

Although both graphics cards are viewable on the ZOTAC website, there’s no word yet on pricing.


Good products for all case sizes, but especially for small case sizes. Bad luck though about it having only 512 MB of DDR3 & not at least 1GB of DDR3. Also do these have the low profile brackets included as the accessories within the retail box like normal or are they affixed already to the graphic card itself & you have to ask for it by model number & name. Anyway it's about time I try at least one Zotac product & that maybe one of these. I personally like to stay to the tried & proven well known brand names.


nice to see these cards from Zotac for older you gazd1 would very much like to see 1GB of DDR3 memory ,I have a Zotac card a green edition GTS250 'ECO" on a mini-rig.that works fine and not had any problems with it.The low profile bracelets are include look here


Very nice cards for older systems. It is nice to see that a manufacturer is willing to target these "lower" end systems at this point.

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Funny... They always keep making cards for the PCI slots yet they never make any card for AGP. I guess AGP is officially dead and buried.

Anyways, this is a nice choice for older systems. Those with PCI slots can play HD video and play some of the older games at the highest settings possible.


yep those that have an older rig with like a "Barton' AMD  proc on an Nvidia chipset w/ an AGP bus are really glad to hear this..yep good times ..& more good times with these GeForce cards from Zotac  .Still no info yet on what they may be selling for.any body know.?