For setting up a HTPC, that can still game hard. I have a 3D 47' LED I use. I keep reading that even though you have a 3D video card with HDMI, and get a blu-ray drive, you still need a program to view 3D. I've read good and bad out there on a few of the more popular 3D generating programs, and there are a few drives that come with lower graded programs. Can't find real world reviews for these as yet. Guess it's just not in the main stream yet. Most data out there is sales hipe and bashing.

Is anyone running or watching 3D though their PC to single monitor? If so, what drive and program are you using, and how do you like it (glitches, problems, likes/dislikes, etc.)?

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I don't know if anybody is running 3D Blu-rays to their computer, I mean the technology is relatively new to the PC side and no one that I've heard from even owns a 3D Blu-Ray drive.

In any case, the only program that's available is CyberLink and I'm not much of a big fan of CyberLink but I've heard they have gotten better and they do have a grasp on those movie-enhancing patents.


Yea, CyberLink comes with most of the drives I have looked into. But it's a cut down program, PowerDVD player. Have to pay for the full vertion to get all options and goodies. Quite a few reviews (not so freindly I have read) on them. But as it looks like I still have time, I can wait and see how they review ant newer versions they put out. Anouther I have read seems promissing is from Arcsoft. A bit better in the reviews, and the user interact seems a bit more user freindly from the still fraims I have seen. There was a 3rd, but it's been a long day. I will look it up at work. Like above, checking to see if anyone here has ventured into that relm just yet. Yea, it's still very new, and 3D (off the big screen) is still a bit away. But I really like the idea. Still watching (no pun entended) all the side effects poping up from thoughs watching it full time though.  [+o(]  Thanks for the input. Have a great one.




Check the site of the manufacturer of the vga or motherboard where the HDMI port is fitted on. Check if the HDMI port is version 1.4 or higher.

Other than that your monitor or TV must be able to support 3d too. 



Thanks Howy, I will keep that in mind. Have a great one.