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While the management shake-up over at HP is obviously the largest of the past week, a fellow California-based company is making some moves of their own. AMD recently announced that Rick Bergman is leaving AMD. President and CEO Rory Read will serve as interim general manager of AMD’s Products Group, and the company also announced that Paul Struhsaker, 49, has joined the company to lead AMD’s newly-formed commercial business division as the corporate vice president and general manager, Commercial Business Division.

Struhsaker will oversee product management and roadmap planning for AMD’s server, high performance computing and embedded products, where he's coming from from Comcast -- a place where he was senior vice president of engineering responsible for all set-top box platforms and video server applications for the Comcast Video Networks. A quote from Read on the whole thing? "The commercial market is vitally important for AMD and the addition of Paul to our team demonstrates our commitment to profitably grow our server business. Paul brings an extensive business management background and customer perspective on AMD’s commercial business opportunities.  I look forward to working with Paul to help drive the growth plans for this exciting part of our business. I want to thank Rick for his many contributions to AMD and wish him well in his future endeavors."

So no, it's not another CEO ousting, but some new faces in Sunnyvale may not be such a bad thing. They already hit a homerun with Fusion -- hopefully there's another grand slam waiting in the wings for CES 2012.

News wrote:

hey already hit a homerun with Fusion -- hopefully there's another grand **slame ** waiting in the wings for CES 2012.

"Why so far? October 2011 will be *The Month* for AMD,  Bulldozer reviews might be finally popping up this week I hope.  AMD has a lot riding on it,  Anyhow, good luck to Mr  Struhsaker ,Mr Read and AMD."


I 2nd that Optimus. I'm hoping for a comeback.

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Well, at least the former CEO of AMD got to stay with AMD.

Paul joining the newly created commercial products division will help out greatly; and even though he is coming from the #1 worst cable company in history, he is just the boost AMD needs in order to get it's products into more servers and enterprise areas. I mean we have barely seen AMD products in the workplace, that has always been dominated by intel. I'm hoping that with Paul, their prospects in the commercial product market will change.


Yeah! If they need good luck anyway. They make so much money, that their salary brings them luck anyway & since they're in the well known group, that will keep them going from one job to another.